Two Easy Ways to Earn from Home or Anywhere

By Debesh Choudhury | Writing and Life | 12 Sep 2022

Earning is essential to survival.

Who will deny that earning is essential for life? Only those with enough ancestral assets, or who can live without food, can survive without stable earnings.

Full-time jobs are not the only ways to earn money.

One can work freelance and earn a daily livelihood. In fact, in the era of the Internet, one can work online from home or anywhere in the world. No unique gadgets or facilities are required to work online. One can start work online with a computer, the Internet, and a webcam.


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Here are my two easy ways to earn money online

There are plenty of ways to volunteer services for different subjects and earn online. I shall enlist only a few here, and I found that some of my online friends are making decent earnings adopting these methods.

(1) Teaching English or any other specialized subjects

When I read the blog articles, I find that the English construction of most of the articles is quite decent. Some articles are remarkably well-written. It says that most bloggers here are well-conversant in the English language.

  • If you know any other technical subjects of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, you can prepare and plan to teach online.

Those who are confident about their domain knowledge and English language can easily pose themselves as online tutors on freelancing sites.

(2) Writing in English and your national languages

Writing technical articles is one thing I notice here. Many of you have good and thorough knowledge about many things, including web hosting, search engine optimization, programming, cryptocurrency, blockchain, digital art, storytelling, music, etc.

  • I often find plenty of online jobs requiring writing services on one or multiple topics mentioned in the above list. There is a demand for writing jobs on these topics. The hourly rates vary with experience. The minimum rate may start from as low as $10 per hour to a higher rate with experience.

I am sure most of you qualify to apply for such online writing jobs and earn a decent honorarium. You need to start volunteering to provide such online writing services. The best place will be the top freelancing sites.



There are plenty of ways to Earn from Home (EFH) or Earn from Anywhere (EFA) other than depending on full-time jobs or on "airdrop upvotes" on crypto-blogging platforms.

  • You can offer specialized services on your skills, such as (i) teaching online and (ii) writing online, as a freelancer, and get hired for small jobs online.

The honorarium earned from the top freelancing sites is on fiat and can be transferred to your back account without any hassles.

  • There is no need to learn any complex technique to offer your online services.

You can find out for yourself the platforms for freelancing and earning online.



Upwork has NO referral scheme. So, I don't earn anything by sharing this information about Upwork, i.e., I recommend Upwork because many of my close friends got freelancing jobs on Upwork.

For example, today, I received an invitation for a writing job on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I can accept the invitation or forward it to a friend on Upwork.



Who I am

  • I am from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). I have also added "Arts" and "Fine Art" to my interests and made my interests STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

  • I develop solutions for passwords and cybersecurity relevant to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other blockless distributed ledgers.

I hope the entire blogging community will strive here and elsewhere.

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September 12, 2022

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