Trust is Everything in Human Life

I have an urge to organize myself and get rid of all the clutters of life.

I have never thought this deep over my mind. At least, I haven't been so intense in thinking about any topic before. It pulls the strings of my mind from the inner core. The questions are arriving very fast in my mind. Something is reverberating inside my mind and creating many questions.

  • What is it that can drive us to succeed or fail?

  • What is it that can spoil a long-standing relationship?

  • What is it that can completely ruin the entire society?

  • What is it that can break the whole financial system?

Trust, Trust, Trust, ......., Trust

Trust is such a powerful word.

Trust is omnipresent in every space of human life.

No other keyword could entwine life better.

In my last article, "Organize Yourself," I discussed how organizing our life can improve everything, including personal, home and career. But, without "trust" life remains disorganized and cluttered.

Trust can drive us to succeed or fail


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Our life is like without a radar if we don't have a clear vision. Our vision helps in finding our mission. Acquiring knowledge and skills is the first step. The acquired skills direct us to build self-confidence.

The key power that remains inside our minds is self-belief.

We need to trust own selves first. Then comes other external factors and entities. Without self-belief, we can't accomplish any work. Self-belief links knowledge, skills, and the ability to achieve greater things in life.

All positive traits of our mind can build one super mental trait called trust.

Trust builds or breaks a long-standing relationship


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We love our life partners. The relationship has been brought up with building emotion of trust. Trust indeed dwells on our feelings and emotion.

Our actions in the external world build or break the emotion of trust.

We often falter in trusting each other. The external world remains as the instigator. Our activities outside the relationship ignite us to become curious. The inner mind decides the follow-up actions.

Trust can be lost within a fraction of a second's mistake.

Most often, a lost trust is never regained and is lost forever. No marriage counselor can help to rediscover the same resonance of the relationship. It requires a tough mental strength or resilience to get back trust.

Trust builds or breaks the financial systems


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We access online financial systems using trust

The authentication systems of the financial platforms, such as banks, credit cards are governed by computer software.

The users trust that the owners, the management boards, and staff members would abide by the code of ethics.

Trust is a prerequisite of all financial systems since the banking systems were founded. I trust the bank and the bank trust me. More responsibility of trust rests on the bank administration side that they won't cheat the users/clients.

When I access a bank account, trust is the first clause I assume that the bank will abide by me. It is implicit that the bank won't do any mischief with my money in an account.

Sometimes, a particular staff member or a group of staff members break trust and carry out illegal activities with the assets of the users/clients. Once mutual trust is lost, the entire financial system tends to collapse.

Trust is like a mental tool or key


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Do you know what a key is?

Humans always associate keys with locks. The purpose of a key is to close (lock) and open (unlock) a physical system or a lock. Humans use locks to close/open a room, house, office, big palace, or a factory or workshop.

It is clear that the primary purpose a key serves is security. As long as the key is not stolen or lost, the safety of the physical asset is intact.

In our mind also, we have the keys to start doing or stop doing a job. It is a mental key or tool that we exercise upon its requirements.

Self-belief or self-trust comes to our rescue whenever we face an awkward and challenging situation. Our experiential knowledge and acquired skills are the stimulators for activating our self-trust and inner confidence.

Trusting one's own self is a key to unlocking the already built inner potential.

But, there is a catch. A very narrow distinction between pride and self-confidence may often play the spoilsport for many of us.

When trust is built on long-standing experiential knowledge, acquired skills, and a little bit of empathy, the self-destructing pride can't get an entry into the mind. Even if pride tries to get an entry, the empathetic knowledge slowly pushes it out of mind.

Trust is indispensable in our life


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Can we survive without trust? It is a question that haunts me a lot.

You may consider trust as a window or door through which our relationships are verified and authenticated. I believe this analogy is very handy to explain trust.

Trust is like a security key of a door/window through which we earn and lose almost everything in life.

It is like someone knocks at the door. What will you do then? You will open the door and check the person's face, attire, voice, and eventually, you either recognize the person or don't recognize the person. Then you decide whether to permit entry or disallow the person to enter your private premises.

Trust is also indispensable in the technology field as well. The online service providers offer their services with a huge promise of maintaining privacy and security of the personal data of the users/clients.

Do the online platforms keep the trust of data privacy and data security?

In most cases, the big tech corporations continually harvest private data of their users/clients and sell it to third-party vendors worldwide. The common people lose their precious personal data through the big hole (window) called trust.

It is imperative that the users of cyberspace take responsibility to protect the sanctity of their online accounts by adopting a solid cybersecurity strategy.

Don't trust others blindly because trust is a valuable key that you must not lose.

But, how to protect trust in your life is entirely your own game.

Bringing it altogether

Human life is mostly trust-driven.

Trust can drive us to succeed or fail.

Trust can build or break a long-standing relationship.

Trust can build or break financial systems.

Trust is like a mental tool or key.

Trust is indispensable in our life.

Don't trust others blindly.


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January 01, 2022


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