How Correct is Your Healthcare Strategy?

By Debesh Choudhury | Writing and Life | 21 Apr 2023

I was returning from a crematorium!

  • I saw one of my professors on his last journey to heaven! He should have been living with us, smiling and breathing nicely. But, he was wrongly treated in a local hospital. And he is no more!

  • The so-called famous doctors put him in a private hospital when he was mildly ill. Knowing he had heavy medical insurance and a son working in the US, they started to milk money from them.

  • The doctors put him in ventilation when he was recovering from his illness. Finally, they declared him dead after collecting huge bills on ICU charges and multiple diagnostic tests, some of which seemed to have been carried out after he expired!


Are you sure your healthcare strategy is right?

  • Do you frequently visit a doctor or a group of doctors in a hospital?

  • Do you take heavy doses of medicines regularly?

If the answers to the above two questions are "yes," many may think we have the correct healthcare strategy.

More medicines and doctors can not guarantee that you have adopted the right healthcare strategy.

Unless you have adopted a natural wellbeing strategy, medicines and doctors alone can't keep you physically healthy and fit.


Holistic healing of the body and the mind is essential.

  • After I returned from the crematorium, I had something to admit.

  • While returning, my professor's son and daughter and I discussed what went wrong in their father's treatment and recovery. Their father was hospitalized and overmedicated/treated when it was not at all necessary.

  • The health mafia could loot their money and their father's precious life due to a lack of awareness about holistic healing of the body and the mind!

The modern healthcare system supported by huge health insurance packages may not lead to safe life because of the greed of the notorious health mafia.

  • Suppose we all can take steps towards a positive lifestyle and healthy food habits. In that case, we will live healthier and more peaceful lives without horrendous mistreatment by the health mafia.

Thus, holistic healing of the body and the mind is essential.



Incidentally, I will start a micro-podcast weekly with a guest on "Holistic Healing." It will consist of insights about keeping our body and mind healthy by adopting a positive lifestyle and balanced food habits. Please comment if you have any specific suggestions.




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April 21, 2023

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