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Hate and Love Come in a Pair

By Debesh Choudhury | Writing and Life | 27 Oct 2021

Hate and Love come in a pair. I wonder if other non-human animals can hate. Maybe, they dislike some foods and weather. But, do they know how to hate their companions?

Perhaps, not or maybe yes. It must have been a topic of research among the practicing zoologists and behavioral scientists.


Love and hate are everyday affairs among the humans

Love and hate are human traits.

They are also very much present among other non-human animals.

Indeed almost all animals can love

How can we be sure that animals can't dislike or hate?

Hate is born from dislikes. Anything can be disliked for any damn reason.


Disliking gives birth to hatred among animals

A dog may dislike vegetable-mixed food.

An elephant may dislike or hate foods with a nonveg smell.

A shark may not like vegetables at all.

In the living kingdom, love and hate are a pair

People fight with each other on dislikes and diversities.


It is always possible to convert a disliking into empathy

How is it possible to bring kindness into our lives?

Life can change for the better if we think about others more empathetically.

Just step into others' shoes and feel the discomfort of others' lives.

Empathy helps feel for other people with compassion

Friendship follows soon after to embrace diversity.

Love blooms in those plants of empathy and compassion.


With this positive note, I end this article.

Can Love and Hate be separated?

Can Hate be converted to Empathy, and finally to Love?

I am curious to know what do you people think.



Have a Nice Day.

Cheers! Debesh Choudhury

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