Cindicator - Get paid for your intuition!

Cindicator - Get paid for your intuition!

By connecteconomy | Conscious Crypto | 15 Mar 2019

In a couple of weeks I'll be celebrating my first aniversary as a member of the "collective intelligence platform" of Cindicator. 

I downloaded their app and started answering the daily questions in April 2018, just for fun. I like the Cindicator project, its promise and potential, and I wanted to see if I could earn a few CND coins. 

Since the beginning, I have ranked in the top 2,000 every month.

I had no idea whether that was a good or bad score and how many people were actually competing with me. I only recently found out that there are actually over 120,000 participants. Well done, me! :)  


The thing is, I don't really do much...

While Cindicator calls the participants "analysts", I have to admit, I don't really analyze anything. All I do is swipe - up or down - my brain is not involved in this process at all.   

Cindicator's language all over their website is very left-brained: "improve your analytical skills", "monetise your intellectual contribution". So when I first started, I did think about my answers before I locked them in, and sometimes I was right and sometimes I was wrong.

But half a year in, I realized, "If I'm wrong half of the time anyway, why waste precious time thinking about it??" So I changed my approach from "think and swipe" to just "swipe". 

That's when I went up to the top 1,000. 

I do not even look at the questions anymore. I have no clue what question I'm answering when I swipe up or down. Some part of me knows, of course. But if I were to involve my brain, it would just get distracted. What if the question is about a coin I don’t believe in? That would influence and screw up my forecast.


Isn't this lazy, or even cheating?

It's not lazy, it's efficient ;) And it's definitley not cheating.

Who’s to say whether crowd intelligence comes from the left or the right brain? If Cindicator is adding artificial intelligence to the mix, surely I can add my intuitive right brain intelligence?

So, *NOT analyzing* clearly is the path to go for me. I'm not suggesting this for everyone, but I do think it's important for the mix.

I also believe the more people contribute their intuition to the others who contribute their analysis, the more accurate the overall results will be. There are many different kinds of "intelligence". 

Hey look, I'm currently #583! I probably won't hold that til the end of the month, but it's nice to look at ;)



Intuition is still highly underrated in our current society. So this is a great way to prove it works (even just to yourself!) and benefit financially from it. Granted, it’s only cents for now, and if it would cost me more than 3min a day, I would consider the ROI highly inefficient and not worth my time. 

However this same intuition also tells me that Cindicator will be worth a lot more than just cents one day, when its product is refined and becomes more and more popular and useful. When that day comes I will be happy I had an inkling “way back when” (=now) and started accumulating those CND tokens as early as I could. 

I also hope Cindicator will give intuition a proper place in the future - even if it's just in the language on their website - because can you truly call it "hybrid intelligence" otherwise? :)


Anja Schuetz is a crypto explorer and mentor for absolute beginners, with specific focus on non-digital natives. She also consults as a Customer Communication & Operations Manager for blockchain start-ups.

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Cryptocurrency mentor for absolute beginners, with specific focus on non-digital natives. Customer Communication & Operations Management Consultant for blockchain start-ups.

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