Google company has own AI killed their Google Adsense publishers' future.

Google Adsense killed itself by own AI

By MrRefferator | Conscious Approach | 25 Mar 2024

A drastic change for publishers

Obviously, my opinion is just one opinion among many. I can't promise more than just what I say will be logical 😊

CPC to CPM by Google Adsense killed their publishers!

🤔 What is behind the switch from CPC to CPM❓

I can see that the artificial intelligence behind Google's automatic ad serving has done its job too well. I've always wondered how, once Google Adsense business rules forbid all click-promotion activities, how could it allow itself to do so in-house? It is my firm opinion that the CPC+AI combo worked very well until now and embodied everything that could be considered a democratic solution within the Google company.

Why did CPC work well❓

  • It was able to support quality content, even for mortals who really had very little web traffic. So even the average person was able to earn enough income to cover the maintenance costs of his / her own website, and on top of that she / he was able to easily realize a profit with she / his favorite hobby of content development.

👇 However, the current situation with the CPM strategy is that you pay per 1000 impressions❗

This shows the sad fact that it doesn't matter anything how high-quality your content is, if you can't direct enough traffic, you won't earn a penny.

And yes, here's the point, why do content developer people have to be turned into slaves working for free❓

✅ Quite simply, because there is no money for that what for was previously available❗

In a blog article written in my native language, sometime in March 2022, I presented an interesting search engine that I discovered at the time. Yeah, it called 🔗 Presearch. 👏 The interesting thing about this search engine is that it works on a decentralized principle and places quite a lot of emphasis on data protection.

ℹ️ The bottom line, however, is that in the market sector of search engines, the mentioned search engine makes very good use of the possibilities offered by the blockchain, and in addition, anyone can use its advertising surfaces much more optimally. After all, it is better to just stake a certain amount of money that we can get back at the end of our advertising campaign than to pay an amount to, for example, the Google company, which we will never see again.

Yes, I totally agree with you, Presearch is not the only alternative❗

Although on the topic of blockchain, this is one the best perspective. But this is the point, the Google company already has to face a lot of competition in the search engine sector, which, how can I say, only makes the soup thinner and thinner for it 😜And then I didn't even talk about the fact that in terms of user support for search functions, many search engines, including Presearch, exploit the possibilities of artificial intelligence technology much more skillfully.

📣 Personally, I can credibly report on this because I acquired enough PRE tokens, so I have every opportunity to use the Presearch AI support, and I think it's cool.

So the artificial intelligence at Google's doorstep performed very well and really rewarded demanding content developers. The only problem is that the Google company sees that there is no more money for this. Of course, Google still wants quality content, it just doesn't want to pay for it anymore. Anyway, as part of the latest algorithm update, Google has taken up the fight against spam and is trying to filter out content that was not created by humans, but by artificial intelligence. Allegedly, the company also involves human resources to check these. With such gigantic mountains of data that Google manages, I think such an impossible undertaking.

👋 It seems that recently Google has learned a lot from Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, since he is a true master of how to train slaves who contribute for free.

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