Short term ETH movement. And goodbye STA!

     Hell yeah, STA is gone! I had just written a short article a few weeks ago bemoaning the fact that STA was a tipping currency here. Nothing like watching your hard earned tip money continuously drop to zero lol. So believe me when I say I was ecstatic to see ETH as a new tipping currency!

    Full disclosure here—-I own some ETH and am a huge fan of it. I strongly believe in its future as the foundation for so many things to come in the world of business and beyond. And even though the price may be down, I am fully confident it will rise again. 
  Let’s take a look at ETH. For the support and resistance levels, I used a trend based fib chart,  I chose a downward trend direction because that’s the direction we are currently heading in.


   Looking at the daily chart,we are currently range bound between $1246 and $1041. It appears we just made another local top on a second try at a breakout to the uoside and it looks like we are coming back down to $1041. At this support we are either going to come back up for a third try at a breakout past $1246 , or are heading back tiwards $914. This is where I think we are heading. If I’m not mistaken, CPI numbers are coming out later this week and I don’t think the news will be the best. 
  Also,if you look at the same fib chart on the 4hr timeframe, you can see the 200SMA(blue line) falling like a rock towards the 50EMA(red line). If the 200 crosses below the 50,this will indicate a pretty bearish scenario in the near term.


 Also it looks like we will close below the weekly 200SMA which is currently at $1209. 
  Personally I hope to see it drop quite low in the near term as I would like to accumulate quite a bit of ETH at low prices. For myself,this is an investment with a play of a 5-10yr timeline, so the drops aren’t bothering me. 
    None of this is financial advice and is in fact just the opinion of a Harley riding,scooter trash single dad. Like many of you, I work hard for my money and know the value of a hard earned dollar. If you enjoyed this article,feel free to follow me here on Publishox. I write about everything from Crypto to my life experiences. 
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Confessions of a crypto enthusiast

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