My Hodlnaut story- a place to still get interest

 They finally did it. One dark fateful day, Celcius announced they would stop paying interest on new deposits in the USA.  Well the exception is unless you’re an accredited investor. Sorry,but I don’t meet those requirements. 
    Luckily there is still Hodlnaut. They only support about a half dozen coins but they pay nicely and more importantly they are still accepting new customers and still paying interest on new deposits. Interest accrued daily and is paid out to your account on Monday mornings. 
  I found out about Hodlnaut through a Reddit group I belong to—-u/rewardsforcrypto. A great community devoted to finding various rewards on your crypto. They hold a monthly contest sponsored by Hodlnaut. Basically you pick a coin and whoever’s pick performed best at the end of the month wins. There are ten prizes that range as follows





    I recently placed 7th with AMP and received $10 USDC in my verified account. 
I quickly swapped it out to UST for 13.72%. 
pretty good stuff. Here is a list of the tokens they accept and their interest rate. Rates are tiered and are explained in their app. For most of us though,we would fall into the first tier which is the highest rate so I’ll just list that

   UST—-up to 13.72% APY
   USDC——up to 9.4% APY

  DAI—-up to 8.3% APY

  ETH——up to 5.4% APY

 USDT—-up to 9.4% APY

 WBTC—-up to 5.3% APY

 BTC—-up to 5.3% APY

 LUNA—-up to 6.7% APY


Please make sure to read the warnings if you make a deposit lol. I recently lost $25 during a test deposit of UST. They don’t accept deposits from Coinbase Binance, etc for UST. For all the other coins it’s ok but not UST for some reason. There is also a token swap feature that is free. 
  Anyway,good luck to y’all in your journey to grow your crypto holdings. I posted a few links please feel free to use them. One of them is a referral for Hodlnaut. Use it and we both get free stuff lol($30 USDC)

Also,check out this spreadsheet someone in the Reddit group made on all the places you can grow your crypto  it’s updated monthly and a lot of hard work went into it!


Join Hodlnaut using my referral code qjrOLxGN9 and earn 30 USDC* T&Cs apply.


Sign up for Coinbase using my link and we can each get $10 in Bitcoin



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I like crypto. How I got here I’m not quite sure. I went from a hard partying, outlaw motorcycle club member to a father of two, investing in crypto to achieve a better life for me and my two little boys

Confessions of a crypto enthusiast
Confessions of a crypto enthusiast

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