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  Let me start by stating that I am very fond of AMP. As crypto becomes more mainstream,especially payments with crypto, I feel the true potential of AMP will be realized. This is a token that I expect to eventually reach $1.00 USD. 
   But currently,much like the rest of the market,AMP has been in a long term downtrend with lower lows and lower highs. There’s blood in the streets as I am writing this post, so let’s go ahead and look at some possible supports to see where we may stop.


   We hit the 0.618 support at $0.0197 USD. 
       It looks like it wants to go lower though, so I expect it will drop to the 0.786 at $0.0169.  Those is where I am hoping it will bounce. If it does not bounce at the 0.786, it’s a good chance it will drop way down to the 1.618 at $0.003. Wow! What an incredible buying opportunity that would be! That’s the only positive spin I can put on that,sorry. Lol 
  Moving up from these lows, we currently have resistance at 0.0234
0.0275 and 0.0298. If we can break that last one it should shoot right on up to test
   These are just my opinions. I’m just poor, Harley riding, scooter trash with 2 little boys. So do what’s best for you because this is not financial advice  I’ve posted a couple links below and if you happen to need them please use them! Any little bit extra I can make helps me to give my little boys a better life. I also accept donations, but nobody ever sends those lol. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my post. Until next time, don’t let your meat loaf!


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I like crypto. How I got here I’m not quite sure. I went from a hard partying, outlaw motorcycle club member to a father of two, investing in crypto to achieve a better life for me and my two little boys

Confessions of a crypto enthusiast
Confessions of a crypto enthusiast

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