Comprehensive Review of DEC 777, DeFi Powered Decentralized Digital Assets Trading Platform



The future of Global financial system is Decentralization . Majority of the Crypto Community members have seen 2020 as year of (DeFi Resurrection ) irrespective of the global economic crisis caused by Covid-19 pandemics .The adoption of Stablecoins have gained massive adoption and attracted lots of Large scale investors, institutional investors into crypto market . DeFi token values have grown beyond imagination , it has surged by 200+ percent from the start of year 2020 .DeFi technology is a game changing DApps which will surely become a very huge success in the global financial ecosystem.

It is a Decentralized Financial system that implements DApps to coordinate its financial services. The DeFi system operates just like traditional Financial market where the system of finance such as Loan issuance , lending are centralized .The major difference is the Decentralization in the procces of disbursing all these services. DeFi is powered by blockchain and the system operate autonomously without the involvement any form of human resources. The system is permission less , it allows anyone to join the ecosystem and participate. In this article, i will be discussing about a Game changing DeFi powered Decentralized Exchange named DEC777 . The team of DEC777 having observed some loopholes in the current Cryptocurrency Exchanges space has emerged with a Game changing DeFi  powered Decentralized Exchange to change the ugly trends in the conventional cryptocurrency exchanges system . I do believe my dear readers will find this article very interesting . Just get along with me as i proceed.


Decentralized exchange without any doubt is the future of Crypto Exchanges . There are several cases of hacks , frauds , trade manipulation in centralized crypto trading system .In a bid to proffer a sustainable solution to all these problem the team fo DEC 777 has developed a very robust DeFi powered DEX to offer the global traders and investors a quality crypto exchanges and Decentralized Financial services. DEC777 platform is a revolutionary decentralized exchanges powered on Ethereum Network .This innovation is quite brilliant type and i feel DEC777 will contribute a lot in
Cryptocurrency Ecosystem . The Cross chain feature of the exchange is a huge Plus . Majority of the existing DEX only support a single network token . Examples includes , IDEX, FORKDETLA  ,EOSDEX , POLONIEX DEX. The cross feature of DEC777 make it stand out . Traders will be able to trade coins and tokens of different blockchain network system following the ERC777 DEX protocol.

DEC777 offers wider range of trading services unlike the conventional DEX system that only offers crypto trading . DEC777 offers wide range of trading services. Among the services include Derivative trading , futures trading , leverage trading , margin trading and more . All accredited DeFi tokens will be available for trades in DEC777 . The exchange bridge gaps between traditional financial market and crypto market. A lot of derivatives instruments will be made available for trade in the platform . With Derivatives traders will be able to make fast profit and hedge themselves against market volatility and the risk of handling the assets . Margin trading will also be made available, this will enable traders trade in Margin and allows instant withdrawals of profit .
There are lots of amazing benefits offered on this platform .and the good news is the system is completely decentralized and in any case or situation of uncertainty users will always take complete control over their assets through their private keys.

DEC777 token is a DeFi Token that will fuel the general operation of the ecosystem . The token is developed on Modern Ethereum network , ERC777 . DEC777 token will serve as the major token of the platform and will guarantee vaule which will be used for loans and swaps .Besides,it will be used as payment token that will be used for making trading fees in the platform .DEC 777 DEX will offer the best trading experience for the traders. Traders will expirience organic and healthy system of trading unlike bot trading system that exist in most centralized exchanges. In DEC777 Exchange, trades are
orgnize , you are dealing with normal traders and not bot.This simply means trading is done Peer to Peer without any form of interference of 3rd party.




1, DEC 777 LENDING SYSTEM : It is one among the DeFi product offered by the platform . This feature enables borrowers, lenders and investors executes financial obligations using a powerful
for the management of the whole system , hence preventing any form of human interference. . It allows Lenders, borrowers and investors will be able to achieve their financial goals.

2, DEC FUTURES CONTRACT : DEC 777 platform also offers Future trading system which enable traders or investors buy or sell an assets which they are not really holding . It is a form of contracts
and the system works based on the future price expectation of an underlying assets .Investors or traders can buy the futures if they believe the price will rise in future and at the same time liquidate the
future contracts if they feel the price will fall .

3. DCF LAUNCHPAD : The platform offers support for the global entrepreneurs who are struggling to raise funds for the development of their projects. Majority of the world best innovations dies due
to lack of funding . The team of DEC 777 has launched a launchpad where future projects will be able to raise funds for their various project.s

4. DEC777 STACKING : The platform offers stacking for all forms of coins that is being traded on the DEC777 , this is a sure means for passive income for investors willing to maximize profits.



The round 1 sales of DEC tokens has been successfully concluded on Sept 22nd , 2000 the remaining DEC token is the wallet already been burnt. The Round 2 Sales is near the corner , it wil be conducted on Sept 30th 2020 and only i million DEC token will be offered for Sale at 0.024ETH per DEC token .The unsold token will be burnt as well just in State 1 sales.

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Comprehensive Review of DEC 777, DeFi Powered Dece
Comprehensive Review of DEC 777, DeFi Powered Dece

The future of Global financial system is Decentralization . Majority of the Crypto Community members have seen 2020 as year of (DeFi Resurrection ) irrespective of the global economic crisis caused by Covid-19 pandemics .The adoption of Stablecoins have gained massive ad

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