Cryptocurrency Exchange Celebrates 8th Anniversary

Launched back in 2013, cryptocurrency exchange is celebrating eight years of fruitful venture into the global crypto ecosystem. The notable success in the firm has been attributed to the strong foundation by Lin Han, the CEO&Founder of, who wrote the code with the users’ experience in mind. has created a platform for new crypto projects to launch by connecting with global customers. Having been around for a long period, the platform developers have gained significant experience with the cryptocurrency industry. Moreover, the firm has seen several bull and bear markets and survived. 

As blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market evolve, seeks to be a significant market maker in various aspects. Eight years in the market have seen the firm significantly increase its ecosystem.

According to Tina, Vice President Asia Pacific, the platform has tremendously grown to one of the leading exchanges in the Asian market. Notably, the firm is among the top-ranked exchanges by trading volume according to different aggregators. Metrics provided by Coinmarketcap indicate is ranked position eight with its past 24-hour daily volume at $2,063,110,260, approximately 35,998 BTC.

According to the company, the leading aspect that has seen through its success in the past eight years has been resilience and listing more and more projects in accordance with the user’s demand. Some of the latest top-ranked coins by purchasing performance include TARA, DORA, and ORAO. Whereby they have registered double-digits gains in the past few months.

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Having endured various market cycles, has emerged as a one-stop destination for both novice and experienced traders. However, the team behind never stops developing despite the notable success. Furthermore, the level of competition in the cryptocurrency exchanges has spiked in the recent past fueled by the onset of decentralized exchanges and existing centralized exchanges.

In a bid to keep up with the fierce competition, developers have put several measures in place. Among them, system security is top-notch to maintain credibility in the market.

Besides, the developers have created a comprehensive platform that incorporates the whole market. With the changing crypto sphere, has morphed in accordance with the market. At the height of the Defi craze, the firm was at the forefront. Notable decentralized financial platforms have been launched on the ecosystem.

As the decentralized exchanges take center stage in the ongoing crypto bull market, has not been left behind. Late last year, the firm released the HipoSwap whitepaper, an automated market maker. 

Currently, the developers are working in GateChain public blockchain with TPS of over 2000, and can support thousands of nodes.

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