The Mysteries of Heart Lake

By QueenGG | What are you afraid of? | 25 Sep 2020

"Did you hear that?" Karen asked, looking over at Daren who was staring the boat.

"What?" he asked, looking at Karen curiously.
I just heard a creaking sound, it came from the front end of the boat.
"Well, it is an old boat, my uncle had it a few years; so I won't think anything much of it," Daren replied, laughing at Karen's facial expression.

"Pak! Pak!" the front of the boat made the noise again; "Halley, Duke? I know you guys heard that," Karen said, gazing at them.

"Yea bro, there's definitely something weird going on here," Darren said, getting up and walking to the front end of the small boat.


The evening's breeze passed across Darren's skin, as he gazed over the edge of the boat. He didn't know what he was looking for, but he really wanted to impress Haley.
Darren took his small torch light and searched beneath the boat's tip at the front.
A good five minutes passed, and there was nothing.
He walked at the central spot where all of them were and sat beside Haley, "I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, before you know it, we'll be back at the house."

"I don't know, I'm having a strange feeling about this lake, I'm 'kinda' regretting coming," Karen said, scanning the edges of the boat with her eyes.

"You're such a 'scardy-cat'," Duke chuckled; Haley and Daren joining in with laughter.

Karen rolled her eyes at how insensitive they were, and turned her back to them, facing the opposite way.

All of a sudden, the crackling sound went beneath the boat.
Karen held on to the side of the boat closest to her, as though the boat was sinking.

They still laughed at her reaction, because they all thought that the noises were due to the boat's very old age.

"I want to go back," Karen said, her face and body language in total distress.

"Would you relax?" Duke asked, gazing in the sky.

"I'll check too, if it makes you feel any better," Haley said, walking to the same spot Darren was, shinning the light.
Haley also, had no idea what she was looking for, but they wanted to enjoy the rest of their ride, without Karen's nagging.

Haley walked around the entire edge of the boat, shinning her light into the darker waters.

She realized a big circle of huge bubbles coming from the back end of the boat.


"That's strange," Haley said, looking down in the water.
"What is it?" Duke asked, over hearing her remark.
"Oh nothing," she said, trying not raise any alarm.
She stood there for a while, gazing at the bubbles.
Suddenly, the bubbles stopped, and something swam by.
Haley gazed at the spot, she was convinced that it was a large school of fish.
The strange object passed by again, but it didn't look like a fish.
The third time, it passed by, Haley saw a face of a woman, and a long tail trailing behind her.

"Ahhh!" she exclaimed, falling into the lake.
"What the hell," Duke said, throwing off his shirt and jumping in behind her.

Girl Falling Off Boat

Karen's heart raced out of control, she felt as though she was about to faint.
"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!' Karen repeated, over and over unable to catch her balance while gazing at them.

Duke was able to push Karen up into the boat, safe and sound.

On his attempt to get back in the boat, his eyes bugled open, "Ahh guys, something is holding my feet!"
Karen and Daren stretched their hands out, trying to grab Duke, but to no avail.
Instead his body slowly drifted away from the boat.
Duke tried to follow him with the boat, but a sudden drag of his body, rapidly over the surface of the water, left them speechless.
Karen blocked her eyes and repeated, "I want to go, I want to go!"
Haley looked at Duke's shocked face, "I saw something, it looked very un-natural. We need to get out of here!"

"Yea let's go!" Karen yelled, in panic.
"After we get Darren, we can't leave him here," Haley said, drying her skin.

Darren's body disappeared for a while, but then reappeared in the distance.


"Ahhh! guys help," he whaled, waving his hand in the water.
Duke rushed to Daren with the boat, with hopes of getting him in quickly and leaving the lake.

As Duke stretched for Daren's hand, something hit the boat from the bottom.
That wasn't the only 'blow' the boat got.
Whatever it was, it was strong; and it continued to hit and hit and hit until the boat was tilting on it's side.

Karen screamed, and grabbed the life jackets they had in boat, throwing them at Duke and Haley.

"We're going to die," Karen said, her eyes becoming teary.

The last and final blow, split the boat in two, slowly sinking their boat.
Duke dragged the last life jacket to Daren, with hopes that it would keep up his tired body.

Duke pointed to the closest point to land, and started swimming.

"Ahhhhhh!" Haley screamed, stalling the group.

"My pants is gone,!" she exclaimed in distress.

She started swimming quickly, passing the entire group, she had just enough of the mysterious activity.

They all felt it, something swam pass them.
Haley suddenly went under water, struggling to stay above water.
Karen and Duke swam away, they just wanted to get out of there.
Daren stayed, trying to restle with the strange creature.

Unfortunately, what happened to him, is now happening to Haley, but she was dragged even further off.
It would have been impossible for him to get to her, in time.

He rushed to shore, in attempts to get the other boat, to get to her, but as soon as he got to shore, Haley's body was no longer above water.

"Haley! Haley!" they all called, shining their lights around the coast where she was last seen.

"Haley!' Daren called repeatedly, his voice soon becoming faint.
"No, No, No," he said, pounding against the bark of a nearby tree.
His eyes became watery, he couldn't control is anger, and sadness.


They were all really stressed about the situation, and held on to the hope that she would resurface again.
Duke and Karen tried to comfort Daren but to no avail, he was weak and heart broken.
As they paced up and down the edges of the lake, a face surfaced above the water, glaring directly at Karen.

Karen almost fell from fright, yelling, "I'm out of here!"
Duke gazed on the location that Karen was, but he didn't see anything.

"It's getting late bro," Duke said, walking over to Darren and 'pating' his shoulders.

"I'm staying here, you guys can go," Darren said, sitting on a rock close to shore.
Duke looked down at him, just as lost and sad as he was.
There was nothing he could do, but leave him there.


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What are you afraid of?
What are you afraid of?

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