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Pretty but freaky! (Part One)

By QueenGG | What are you afraid of? | 19 Nov 2020

"What the hell? Why are you all covered in dirt?" Peter asked, glaring at his girlfriend.

Jane, glared at him, her smile wide from ear to ear.

Girl in Dirt

"Come here!" Jane said, seductively calling Peter with her index finger.

Peter walked casually towards her, his hands casually swinging at his side.

"Come here, you're acting like I'm a stranger," Jane said, grabbing his hands, when he came close.

Peter passed his finger across her dirty skin, and looked at her, confused!

Jane then started laughing freakishly, her eyes pale and undelightful.

Suddenly Peter, felt Jane's soft hands push him over in a deep hole.

"Ahhhhh! what the hell Jane!," he said, glaring up at her.

Jane looked down in the six feet ditch and started laughing uncontrollably.

"What the hell is going on?" Peter asked, his eyes becoming watery.

"How much do you love me Peter?" Jane asked, the weirdest smile sitting on her face.

Peter was a bit hesitant to answer, but he thought it was some kind of silly prank for him to profess his love to her.

"I do a lot, alot," he replied confidently, his hand resting on his chest as he glared into her eyes.

"How much?" she asked again; not impressed by his answer.

Peter, stood there, confused as to what she wanted him to say.

"Babe, please get me out of here, it's dark and musty, and my sinus is starting to act up," Peter begged.

"No!" she exclaimed, folding her hands.

Peter looked up at her, "What?".
He was so confused, he had never seen Jane like this.


"Tell me how much you love me, or there's no getting out from there," Jane said, her face slowly becoming furious.

Peter started to sweat, at this point, he was convinced something had taken over Jane. He had no idea what it was, but he knew he had to play nice and really convince her, so he could get out in one peace.

"Look babe, I love you more than anything. I seemed to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age forever," Peter said, hoping that he was getting somewhere.

"Ya, go on," she said, a smile slowly shining through her deviance.

"A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, I'm your sunshine and I intend to always be," Peter added, literally running out of things to say.

Somehow Jane was intrigued, she walked closer to the ditch, with a rope in her hand.

"Awwww!" she said weirdly, slowly lowering the rope to Peter.

Peter started reaching upwards for the rope, but then realised, that something got her attention.

"Not yet, not yet!" she whispered softly, looking behind her.

Peter couldn't see who it was but he yelled his brother's name anyway, since they were all in camp together.

"Paul! Paul!" he called out, "Help me out of here."

"It's not Paul!" Jane said, with a weird grin.

"Come on Jane, I need to get out of here, I'm sure Paul would get worried," Peter said.

"Oh trust me, he won't," Jane said, weirdly.

"What? Why would you even say that?" Peter asked, his face filled with worry.

Jane stalled a bit with lowering the rope, and disappeared for a few minutes.

Peter started yelling like crazy, with hopes that either his brother or his brother's girlfriend would hear him; but literally no one came to his rescue.

"Wtf! Jane I swear to you, it won't look pretty when I get out of here!" Peter exclaimed, growing highly frustrated.



Soon enough, Jane was back at the grave, in all black.

As Peter looked up, he realised the night got a bit brighter. Above the ditch was lit.

"Jane put down the rope!" Peter demanded, now highly frustrated.

Jane ignored him, and soon Peter started to hear singing.
It sounded very much like a choir.

"Who the hell else is up there?" Peter asked, yet again calling out to his brother, "Paul!'

"No one can hear you Peter, shut up!" Jane said in a weirdly deep voice.

She continued to sing, in the calm and quiet night.

"This is crazy," Peter said, quickly reaching for his phone in his back pocket.

The first person he was going to call was definitely his brother, after all it was only four of them in the mountains for camp. (Him, Jane, Paul and his girlfriend)

To Peter's surprise, his brother's phone started ringing right above the ditch.

"Wtf!' Peter exclaimed, confused as to what was going on.

"Paul! Paul!" he called out, annoyed that his brother was around and wouldn't answer him.

Suddenly the singing stopped and Peter could hear Jane saying; "Babe, hey, it's time."

Peter's eyes opened widely, as he looked up.
He had no idea what was coming his way, he was honestly fearful of what was going to happen next.



Who do you think Jane was talking to?

Do you think Jane is in some creepy cult or secret society?

Where is Paul and his girlfriend in all of this?


Ready for Part Two?

How do you rate this article?



23 year old Marine Biologist and Romance Novelist Avid Writer and Technical Researcher.

What are you afraid of?
What are you afraid of?

We're all terrified of different things and we often find ourselves judging the fears of others. Why? because they may fear things that we like and vise versa. The point is, we're all afraid of something. It gives us the chills and we try to avoid any activity or moment that may involve that fear. Outside of Phobias there are alot of different things we're afraid to try in life. In this blog we'll be exploring many inspirational ways to open up to change, and gain advantage over your life.

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