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An unexpected synergistic combination of DAO LABS social mining and AWS Marketplace

Good day to all of our Crypto enthusiasts and Social miners out there! Today, I would like to talk about the synergy of the 2 most hottest topics in crypto today: The Social mining and the AWS Marketplace!



DAO Labs and AWS Marketplace

----> If you have followed me thru my posts even before, I am always talking about how you can be a social miner from all over the world and make the projects around crypto be seen and heard all over by creating valuable content for them while you as the social miner be able to network with other social miners and enhance your skills to create better and even giving out your best skills to create highest quality contents for our big names and big market-capped crypto partners and get rewards out of it! Quality is better than quantity as always!

You may also be wondering how DAO Labs are deploying our Social mining hub platforms and how it can manage all of the onboarding social miners. The answer is AWS Marketplace! If you want to know how the AWS Market place works, here are introductory videos!







AWS marketplace in my own words summary

----> After reading articles, watching videos and checking the AWS marketplace directly, basically the AWS marketplace is a online place where businesses can buy software depending on what they need then they can easily deploy it on the website that they hosted on and they can customize the software that they deployed on the websites that they created as well. Aside from that, if you are selling software, you can sell your software in a subscription type or one-time buy while it is going to be integrated in the Amazon cloud infrastructure.



How the marketplace of DAO Labs works

----> Within each social mining hub platforms, there is something what we call as Marketplace Icon.


Once you click the marketplace above, it will take you to wherein you can claim your accumulated points from your social mining activities and redeem the native token of the project running the social mining program. This is why it is important to have quality tasks get finished by you and be proud of it after submitting it especially if you knew that you submitted a high-quality content/ value contribution to the project you are socially mining at. Here are the categories that one can buy and sell on the AWS marketplace.


How the DAO Labs social mining can help boost AWS Marketplace vendors on their development of their products and services

----> I have researched an AWS marketplace seller. The Onica company. Which uses the Cloud ranger on AWS to be able to sell cloud backup drives capabilities to their customers. What can DAO Labs do to provide the Onica company a boost on their sales and have a better community and have more minds thinking for them on social media aside from their social media manager?

The answer is SOCIAL MINING!

How? First is that the Onica company can setup a meeting with the DAO Labs team that they wanted or intend to do social mining with DAO labs. Then because DAO Labs and Onica cloud computing/cloud back up company is already integrated with AWS marketplace, it will be easier for them to integrate what is needed for the social mining hub platform of the Onica company.

The next thing to do is the Onica company can create tasks for the DAO Labs social miners so that we can work on their tasks like Infographics, Twitter tasks, etc. then they can give compensation such as in stablecoins, free cloud backups or a mix of the two.

What will happen is that because social miners' hashtags are indexed by the search engine of twitter geographically, there will be a much more crawled keywords and hashtags globally and that gives more reach to the Onica company where more people will be able to see their company better than the sponsored posts! It makes Onica save more money than boosting on Twitter without organic impressions.

With these tasks on social mining hub of Onica, the Onica social media can be exposed to more people without the need to hire social media managers because people globally are marketing for you! That is the power of the community. It helps the Onica save money for development of their Cloud-based business.

Thank you all for reading this article where AWS vendors and sellers can benefit from social mining! More power to us all!

For more information if you want to host a social mining service on DAO Labs, check out the links below!


DAO Labs documentation:

Pitch Deck:

Medium Blog:




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