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Upland My Personal Review

By NosCha | Collect Free Crypto | 14 Feb 2021

Really, I was enticed by the Doubled Welcome Bonus of 6,000 UPX ($6 worth) shared by Igor Tomić in his post. I immediately signed up Upland with his link so I could claim the bonus UPX. After registering and verify my email, I logged in to Upland on both mobile and laptop. As promised, there is 6000 UPX waiting in my account. This game uses blockchain technology to ensure true ownership of digital assets and follows the principles of an open market economy. Once you purchase a property, it is yours to own forever. As each property parcel is unique NFT, it can be bought, sold, or even traded for-profit using the in-game currency called UPX. I was also interested when I read that - for example, we recently auctioned off the NYSE building in Manhattan for 23,000,000 UPX, or $23,000 USD.

After create my block explorer, I set to explore what I can do in Upland. For those that are new, your Block Explorer will automatically travel by itself across the map. If you move around the map and need to quickly check back to see where your explorer is, you can click on the icon on the bottom left. The top icon on bottom right will enable all the places that are tagged, ie: St Vincent de Paul Society Thrift Store, DC Smoke Shop and so on. The bottom right middle icon will list all the properties nearby that are for sale. The bottom right is to search for a location that you're interested in. 



Currently this Upland game is only related to US and for those that are not familiar with US locations may find it difficult to even know which places that are worth buying. I tried to do a search for Malaysia and as you can see it only shows nothing of Malaysia but just New York. As the game itself mentioned, Upland  is an EOS blockchain-powered metaverse that allows players to own virtual properties that are mapped to real-world addresses. Upland launched in San Francisco in 2019 and recently expanded to New York City, NY and Fresno, CA with the planned addition of new cities arriving in the near future. I wonder when there will be planned addition of new countries instead. 


When you first the game, you will be given a choice of landing in San Francisco or Fresno. I start at San Francisco and didn't know what to do initially. Click here and there on those plots of land will show you how much you need to pay for it or if it is own buy someone already. Those in grey are owned by someone, in dark green which is up for sale while light green is what you discovered by your block explorer which you can buy. Most of the of unowned plots are costing more than 6000 UPX so even WITH the double bonus that I got, I couldn't buy it. I finally managed to find one that cost 5920 UPX. Cool... I have my first property. But that's about it with what I can do in Upland. I can't buy another property unless I purchase more UPX. Yes, for every 3 hours I will be able to collect some earnings but how long would I need to wait before I can get my next property. There are treasures pinata along the way that you can find but I find that it still will take a while to accumulate 6000 UPX. You can't even sell your property unless you have become an Uplander which requires you to have accumulate 10,000 UPX in total. Not your UPX balance. If you're looking to get your first property, look for those plots that are smaller size which will be cheaper and helps you to progress. You will need to achieve the collections to move ahead else it will be quite difficult.


As for bugs, there are some issues with the icon color on the Android app. My mobile is always in Dark mode and it makes the icons on the bottom right and left black as well making it difficult to see what those icon are. Anyway, I will keep playing it for a while to see how it goes. Seems more like Pay2Win than Play2Win though unless you have the patience to slowly accumulate your UPX with 1 property to the next level as Uplander. I'm also looking to test and see what IF I don't collect my 3 hours earnings. Will it accumulate not?

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I'm Nos Cha From Malaysia. I have been following crypto since 2014.

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