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By NosCha | Collect Free Crypto | 31 Jan 2021

There is a new option for those who are using Pool by Cake. You can now deposit your DOGE to Pool by Cake into the shared Liquidity mining for high rewards and minimal fuss. Currently the APY is 100.86% and the rewards will be credited every 12 hours or so. However for 24 hours ago it was at 420% APY. The first 24 hours was 0.01 DFI blockreward. Now it is 1 DFI per block. However it seems that many people are facing issue trying to deposit their DOGE in Pool by Cake. It looks like the DOGE network is congested for now. I have not move my DOGE over as I'm still looking to see it goes. 


This is my current deposits and portfolio in Pool by Cake since I joined on January 13. Not much but these are all free money nevertheless. I have not seen any rewards for BTC yet as it in the BTC Lapis which is running from Jan 15, 2021 - Feb 12, 2021. As for my DASH, up till today I have rewards 0.00000519 DASH paid to me and compound. DFI is still frozen and not able to touch until 180 days are over so I couldn't use it for LM even if I wanted to unless I were to purchase separately DFI. I will continue to let it keep running for now at least until 180 are over first.




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Collect Free Crypto
Collect Free Crypto

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