Unboxing Ledger nano S

Unboxing Ledger nano S

By Klo | collaborative economy | 16 May 2020

In this article I show you how the Ledger nano S that I bought 3 days ago comes and I already have it at home.
I used the promotion code to buy it and it cost me € 39.08
It is important to buy it on the official Ledger page https://www.ledger.com since it is mandatory that the article is completely closed so that it does not come compromised, hacked and you risk losing your cryptos.

The code used for the discount is WEARETHEBULLRUN.








This is all, the ledger brings 3 cards to write the 24 words and have the recovery words of your ledgers guarded in different places. At a relative's home, at your second residence ...
The ideal is not to have the 3 cards together.
In my opinion, I don't know who would think of wearing the Ledger on a keychain, or who could wear it around their neck. I find absurd those ideas that they have had, a cover for the ledger would have been better.
Nothing else, if you liked the article follow my blog that in a few days I will upload a tutorial on how to configure the Ledger.


--- Klo ---

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