DECENTRALAND event earn nfts and collect

DECENTRALAND event earn nfts and collect

By Klo | collaborative economy | 28 Oct 2020

Prepare yourself for the unspeakable horror that is Halloween Week 2020 Under the cover of darkness, Decentraland becomes the scene of a diabolical mystery, sending anyone with the courage to solve it, on a five-day series of thrilling quests.
For those who can hold their nerve, rewards including wearables, easter eggs and a closing Costume Party in Vegas Plaza – with DJ, deranged dancers and prizes for the best outfits – await the brave. 

Collect POAPs from all five quests and enter a raffle for more wearables.

Wearables up for grabs include gruesome monster body parts, headpieces, accessories, even an outfit that looks suspiciously like that of a certain group of specter-vanquishing scientists who ain’t afraid of no ghosts (you figure it out).



To participate, you must create an avatar by connecting your METAMASK wallet on the DECENTRALAND site. If you already have it, you can go directly to the link above.
On the first day I had to break 10 pumpkins in less than 10 minutes, look for 10 doors, pick up a phone ... As you go about doing these tasks in some you will find gifts, WAREABLES that you will have to pay the transaction fees to make them yours If you want to obtain them, I recommend that you wait to have them all and then make a single payment of the fee.


I also recommend that if your team allows it, put the graphics in high mode, and with enough field vision, the pumpkins that you have to break are stinky and look better. if you have little visibility of the playing field it will be more difficult.
If you want to verify and choose your name so that it does not appear as a guest, first you will pay a fee equivalent to 0.71usd and then the name is worth 100mana.


Do you dare to participate? Now I am for the second day !! we can meet in the metaverse and if you have any questions you can ask me!

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