Comparison 3 days before halving

Comparison 3 days before halving

By Klo | collaborative economy | 9 May 2020


In this article that I bring you today is to see a comparison between the 3 halving moments, we will try to develop a price projection for this following year.
The first Bitcoin halving took place on November 28, 2012, the second was on July 9, 2016 and now we have the next Bitcoin halving on the 12th of this month, May 2020.
In the first Halving a strong movement was seen at 42 days, after a certain time on the side, in the second halving there was also a strong movement just in the middle of the days, 21. So it may not make sense, but I would expect a strong movement in 10 days after this halving.



In the first halving, the miners' profits reached 14.05K on 11/24/2012, two days later it was double, on the 30th it was 30,558k.
If we go to the second halving, two days before 2,183m, two days later it dropped to 1,174m. Currently the benefits of the miners. Today the miners' profits make the sum 18,247m, we can see that in the two halvings there were important movements of change in the hash rates.
In the graph, the pink wedge is equivalent to 112 blocks mined in the last 4 days, this makes a total of $ 13,580,000, in 4 days.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) recently underwent halving events, and both saw a hash rate drop immediately after, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) recently underwent halving events, and both saw a hash rate drop immediately after. I think we will have a good year 2020 and a better year 2021, accumulating all the satoshis we can and waiting for the moment when BTC and all cryptography is adopted worldwide. In my opinion it's a matter of time-
The total value in USD of the exchange volume in the main bitcoin exchanges in the first halving was a total of 0, in the second halving, two days before the volume was 2m and two days later it was 4m, currently there is a volume 500m to two days before ... after two days I will update the information to accumulate data on the halving of the year 2024.

It is a short article but it has data and an important comparison, to which we can add experience from past halvings.
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I leave you another article that I wrote a few days ago, for me it is very important and very little appreciated by the community.
Hash rate and Blockchain


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