Speaking of Coins #3

By funnel | Coinysteria | 28 May 2020

...i'm pretty sure most of you out there have watched at least one episode of the notorious 'THE SIMPSONS' animated series...who was your favorite character???...if Homer Simpson was the one then you have a good reason to get one of these 2020 Tuvalu The Simpsons Homer proof gold coins release...
...keep in mind that it is a limited mintage of only 5000 pieces in total!!!
...we are talking about 1 troy oz of .9999 pure gold!!!!


...on the front side of the coin you can see this ugly face of Queen Elizabeth II...

906f6877cf56b0542935c422465ce625022e65ac293053370107c075e2f392b6.jpeg the back side of the coin you can see our adorable Homer...

.68b12332ebd4c98dfa142f3860d44ce3f1a471759d4e201fd4660985f515c0c5.jpeg can find the coin on the market from 1804US $ up to 1880US $ you can tell it's not a cheap coin to purchase!!!.....
...please do not be disappointed ..there is always its silver twin which price is very much cheaper at about 38US $..
...finishing this post let me tell you a secret....there are some sites that accept BTC or ETH as a payment method to acquire this coin...i was really excited to find out this!!!
...happy collections...


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