Innovation + Attentiveness CoinW Gets More Market Dividends for Users

By CoinW Exchange | CoinW Exchange | 4 Mar 2022

At today, cryptocurrency is a well-known term. Bitcoin, or the new Metaverse, NFT, and GameFi have not only been popular in the crypto industry, but also in the whole market, so more and more investors are focusing on cryptocurrencies.

As an indispensable part in the blockchain world, cryptocurrency exchanges are the central hub linking project parties and investors, and play a major role in promoting the development and evolution of the entire industry. Since the establishment of BitcoinMarket in 2010, the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange, futures contract exchanges have continued to be founded and grow. The latest data shows that there are 314 exchanges included in CoinMarketCap, not to mention countless exchanges that have not been included. The competition is so intense.

However, CoinW stands out among many exchanges with its stability, innovation and security, which not only improves the retention of existing users, but also attracts many new users.

System stability: the most basic guarantee of user interests

In the cryptocurrency world, the exchanges that survive are strong.

In May 2017, a group of like-minded elites from Ali, Oracle, Google and the financial securities industry established CoinW, which was even founded two months earlier than Binance.

Up to now, CoinW has been operating safely and stably for nearly 5 years, and has experienced two bull-bear rounds. It has a stable trading system, a complete product system and a smooth user experience. At the same time, it also holds financial regulatory licenses from MSB, MAS, SVGFSA and other countries and regions. In the future, CoinW will continue to abide by the regulatory systems of more countries, to provide users with safer, more transparent and more compliant transaction services.

From the user’s point of view, a stable and reliable platform can not only ensure the security of their assets, but also save the time and cost of switching and adapting to other platforms. More importantly, for users who get rebates by inviting friends, a stable platform is a stable foundation for them to obtain long-term rebates.

Product innovation: the critical factor for winning in the fierce competition

In addition to continuous and stable operation and building a solid brand in the industry, CoinW has also been enriching its product types and innovating product functions to provide users with more convenient, safer, and more reliable trading tools.

While insisting on improving the advantages of spot trading, CoinW is trying to open up new fields. At present, it has launched multi services including USDT perpetual swap trading, ETF trading, finance (BitEarn, CoinW Earn), Fansup, CoinW Venture, shared mining pool, CoinW Capital, etc. The product system is relatively mature, and the ecosystem is been improving.

In terms of product functions, CoinW is constantly innovating. For example, CoinW Futures trading has recently launched the function of Trailing Stop, a useful tool for users to lock in profits during ups and downs without operating buy or sell repeatedly. This is another breakthrough after the five pioneering functions of Split/Merge, Two-direction Long Position mechanism, Pre- Take-profit and Stop-loss, Click to Reverse, and Click to Liquidate.



The launch of Trailing Stop indicates that CoinW USDT perpetual swap products are more mature. The product functions is improved, and at the same time CoinW Futures is recognized by more users.

User first: get more market dividends for users

The growth of the exchange is inseparable from the support of users. Of course, the exchange will also provide users with better services and all available rewards.

For example, CoinW Research Institute is always digging more high-quality assets for users through professional strict selection and evaluation. Up to now, CoinW has launched a total of 300 trading currencies and 323 trading pairs, many of which are world premieres, allowing users to be one step ahead than the network and enjoy more gains.

There’s also many activities held to give back users. The currently well-received “Daily Trading Daily Rewards” serial activity is different from the one-time activity of other platforms. CoinW Futures users can get a super bonus ranging from 5–100U the next day every time he or she participates in a Futures transaction on the day. It is said that some users have received a bonus of 300 USDT within a month It is worth noting that the current minimum opening amount for CoinW Futures trading is 3 USDT, and all super bonuses obtained can be used for opening a position.



At a time when the cryptocurrency industry is gradually growing, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce, CoinW has always given priority to the interests and demands of users, and find high-quality projects, innovate product functions, and prepare for the filed, to get users to share market dividends in a timely manner.


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CoinW Exchange

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CoinW Exchange
CoinW Exchange

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