CoinW Completed System Upgrading with Improved Secrity 、Functions and User Experience

By CoinW Exchange | CoinW Exchange | 18 Apr 2022




For cryptocurrency investors, the stability of trading platforms is crucial. On April 17, CoinW successfully completed the latest system upgrade, Secrity 、Functions and User Experience are all improved ,and all business is already back to normal now. CoinW would also like to take this update as an opportunity to respond to users who care about the development of the platform.

Response 1: All the business on the current platform is running properly

CoinW is a world-class comprehensive crypto asset trading platform. It has been in operation for nearly five years since 2017 and has over 7 million users worldwide. At the same time, the platform adheres to compliance operation and embraces supervision. It holds financial supervision licenses of multiple countries and regions to ensure the interests of users. Over the years, the platform has continuously developed and improved the encryption technology and risk control methods, as well as the protection rules of user trading information. At present, the business channels of CoinW exchange, such as registration, charge, transfer, spot and futures trading, CoinW Earn and so on, are all in normal operation. CoinW team is making great efforts always all, please do not worry about it

Response 2: The funds of the platform and users are safe!

CoinW has a strong technical and risk control team to ensure the safety of funds. In addition, CoinW is paying more attention to the security of users’ cryptocurrency wallets. On this basis, it cooperated with HyperPay, one of the top three cryptocurrency wallets in the world, to set up a HyperLab security lab. The 10 postdoctoral researchers in the lab all have long-term enterprise project research and development experience, and have a profound security background. The laboratory uses the cutting-edge security technology developed to achieve the security situation of “ anticipate the enemy “, to better protect the users of cryptocurrency wallets and their related businesses.

Response 3: This upgrade activity is planned ahead!

This upgrade activity is planned ahead, We apologize for this experience caused to our users by the upgrade ahead. The upgrade of the original plan was on April 18 in the morning, but before that, there are some users’ feedbacks on some problems in the process of trading, to improve the user trading experience, we decided to upgrade the system in advance to solve this problem completely after discussion in the technical meeting of the management. This upgrade comprehensively upgraded the software and hardware of the system, accelerated the optimization of network links, strengthened the hot and cold wallet of the system, guaranteed the user assets more safely, and improved the stability and scalability.

Response 4: Well-developed internal management and clear shareholder structure

CoinW has set up 12 localized trading service centers in 8 countries around the world, with good internal management development, clear shareholder structure, and standardized governance structure. Coinw’s entrepreneurial and partnership culture unites and strengthens team members to create a safe and stable trading environment for the vast majority of users .

Response 5: CoinW has always been an honest, principled and responsible platform!

CoinW has always been a platform with good faith, principles, and bottom line. Since it began to adjust its management plan in 2020, it has always insisted on the safety of user assets first, not to issue scamcoin/shitcoin or ponzi coins, not to manipulate futures trading, and dare to bear and not escape the problems of the platform. If any user loses due to the advanced upgrade of the platform, please contact the platform in time., and we are willing to take the responsibility. The platform will track and deal with the loss after the data counting.

At present, the system upgrade has been completed successfully, and the system performance is more stable, the transaction function is more perfect, and the access speed is faster. To thank users and partners for their recognition and support of CoinW, the platform has launched a large number of hot currency rewards, airdrops and trial fund activities, welcome to experience .

Finally, Again the CoinW team reminds users: The cryptocurrency market develops rapidly, all information outside may affect your judgment, to own and other people’s property safety, please pay close attention to the information released by official channels, improve risk prevention awareness.


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CoinW Exchange
CoinW Exchange

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CoinW Exchange
CoinW Exchange

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