Passive Income 101: Mining Ethereum

Passive Income 101: Mining Ethereum

By Tunanin | CoinStream | 8 Apr 2021

So, you want to start mining Ethereum before ETH 2.0 comes out . . .

Before starting, here are a few things you should consider:

1. GPU / Memory: Make sure your GPU has at least 6GB of RAM or it won’t be able to properly mine Ethereum. 

2. OS: Make sure your Windows version is at least 7, and the OS is 64 bit. 

3. WIFI: Make sure you have a stable, consistent internet connection. While it is not required, do stay on WIFI.

4. Address: Make sure you have a valid ETH address. !!!DONT SEND ETH to an ETC/BTC address!!! It should look like this



(tips appreciated)





Ok. You're all set. To get started, we will be using to mine our ETH. You can download the application at    Once downloaded, extract the miner to any folder you'd like. Navigate to the config file, then paste this in: (add your ETH wallet address)    



wallet = 0x8789963835458bE035D1756aC9663E2ED8A82fd2 
rigName = rigOmen
email =




Afterwards, find yourself at the config_eth file. Make sure you change the address to yours.  




; Address to send funds to. Change this address to yours!

wallet = 0x8789963835458bE035D1756aC9663E2ED8A82fd2

; (Optional) Rig (worker) name.
rigName = speed_test





You are all set! Click on the nanominer.exe file and start running! Here you will find plenty great statistics to observe over the course of your mining journey. Make sure your GPU is running around 60-75*. Any hotter and you could be damaging your hardware. I cooled mine down by removing the siding.

To check your progress, visit and paste in your address. There is no account needed. Just check your progress when you add your address in. 

At your dashboard, click on settings and change your minimum payout to 0.05. This option will be available after you have mined for a while and have verified your email. 

You are all set! Happy mining <3 



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