What is Most Valuable For You? Crypto or Dollars?

By CoinSteps | Crypto - Guides | 28 Nov 2020

Everyone who is into crypto space, gives great weight to prices of cryptocurrencies connected with the dollars price. But is that equivalent so important for the crypto space? 

Most of you are satisfied when the price of Bitcoin or altcoins goes up, depending what is in your portfolio. You may be frustrated when the prices are goind down, or you are looking to this downfall as an opportunity to get ever more cryptocurrencies and benefit from that. Some other count their value of crypto assets in satoshi. Mostly the traders. They think what only matters is to accumulate more Bitcoin.

Αll this was a small prologue to reach to a conclusion. MOST of you give value mostly to dollars and not Bitcoin, and generally cryptocurrencies. How I came up with that thought? I am seeing this everywhere in crypto space. All what I see is the price went up, or the price went down. In accordance with the dollars price.

If ever the price of Bitcoin reach to a 6 digit price, what is your goal? To sell them off to get more dollars than what you spend some years ago? Doesn't that make more important the dollars than the Bitcoin or Altcoins you may say that you believe?



I think we will reach eventually to extremelly high prices in cryptocurrencies. But if we sell them for profit in dollars, we will just continue to believe that dollars are more important. There are many ways to spend cryptocurrencies instead of them in everyday life. 

I hope this article will be helpful so you can realize that it's very important to keep your Bitcoin and altcoins and don't give much value to the dollars price. We just have to HODL. And use them insted of dollars or our fiat currencies.

What is your opinion about that matter? Do we have to sell our cryptos for profit or to keep trying to maximize our portfolio? I would love to hear your opinion.

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