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Best Hardware Wallets [Huge List of 25+ Wallets]

By CoinSteps | Crypto - Guides | 10 May 2020

Hardware wallets are a secure and offline form of cryptocurrency storage, and one of the most convenient and safest options for storing your cryptos.

Private keys are always on this device and the transaction is signed, usually by typing a PIN from the device buttons inside it, after connecting to the client wallet or via a browser on a web wallet, where the server simply transmits the signed transaction . These devices allow you to back up your private key to another medium.

They are the safest type of crypto wallet as they are stored in an offline environment. It is always recommended to use a hardware wallet to store high value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

While most people are storing their cryptocurrencies in software or desktop wallets, if you are into HODL for long-term, you should use a hardware wallet. They offer a great security and you can even use them for your everyday transactions.

Best Hardware Wallets

Ledger Hardware Wallets


Ledger is a French company, leader in cryptocurrency hardware wallets.

Ledges Nano S


Ledger Nano S is a small device in the form of about a USB flash drive and with a very simple user interface. This particular model is one the most economical hardware wallet on the market and is an ideal choice for any newcomer to cryptocurrencies.

You can see here all the supported cryptos.

Ledges Nano X


Ledger Nano X is an updated version of the Nano S wallet which offers few extra and advanced features.

This model isa  little larger than the previous, andit is equipped with Bluetooth so that users can easily connect their mobile phone with Ledger Live.

Trezor Hardware Wallets



Trezor was created by SatoshiLabs and it's the first secure hardware wallet.

Trezor One


It looks like a small calculator with an OLED screen. Trezon One is  the first model of the company Trezor.

Trezor Model T


Trezor T is an updated version of Trezor One wallet.

It has a bigger touch screen with some of the coolest features. Also it supports more coins than the previous model.

SecuX Hardware Wallets

SecuX W10


The first model of the SecuX. Comes with a 2.8” large color touchscreen for home use. An easy-to-use hardware wallet.

SecuX W20


Mobility built for outdoor use. Manage your cryptocurrencies safely and make transactions on-the-go.

SecuX V20

SecuX V20 is awarded the Best Cross-Platform Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet 2019.

It supports 1000+ cryptocurrencies and ERC-20 tokens and is equipped with CC EAL 5+ certified SE chip to keep your digital assets safe,

Cobo Vault


Cobo Vault self-proclaimed as the future of crypto hardware wallets.



KeepKey is bigger in size than the previous wallets and not so convenient to carry outside. However it has an excellent design.

The company KeepKey was acquired by the exchange Shapeshift and therefore this hardware wallet can incorporate an in-wallet exchange that allows to trade alla the stored cryptocurrencies without using an external exchange.

BC Vault One


It's one of the safest crypto hardware wallets! It offers guaranteed security. BC Vault one has a 2.42-inch OLED 128×64 pixel display.

BC Vault One supports over 2000 cryptocurrencies and can be used at the same time, with all major currencies included.

Safe-T mini


Safe-T mini is a very basic hardware wallet that is manufactured by Archos, a French company.

The interface is extremely limited and in order to send and receive coins you will need to use additional software.

SafeT Touch


SafeT Touch is an updated version of Safe-T mini.

It comes with many features as 

  • Purchase, exchange and store crypto Assets directly from the device
  • EAL7 Military Security Level 
  • More than 1000+ compatible cryptos
  • Touch screen interface
  • Fingerprint Reader, QR Code Reader and USB Type-C Connection
  • Synchronized with secured Bluetooth to your smartphone

Ellipal Titan

Ellipal Titans a hardware wallet that aims to be completely isolated as it has no wired or wireless connectivity. It communicates through QR codes via a camera for signing the transactions

CoolWallet S


CoolWallet S is a hardwallet in the shape of a credit card and can be carried around very easily.

It is completely wireless and has unique design. Also with that shape it'is extremely light-weight quite durable.



ColdCard is a minimal hardware wallet with probably the most unique apperance.

SafePal S1 


The first hardware wallet invested and backed by Binance  

Safepal is a 100% offline hardware wallet. It supports more than 1000 cryptos and has a 1.3 inches high-resolution display screen that shows every detail of a transaction.



The best part of D'ÇENT hardware wallet is a fingerprint scanner which provides users with an extra level of security.



Corazon is by far the highest-end cryptocurrency hardware wallet.


Bitbox is extremely secure, as it communicates with USB encryption, and has the option of two-factor authentication.





For now, Keycard is for developers only.



Secalot has many features as such:

  • Hardware cryptocurrency wallet
  • OpenPGP smart card
  • One-time password generator



XZEN is a smart wallet for cryptocurrencies. It can store cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies and can also convert all the stored cryptos.

It's not yet on the market, but you can pre-order it.



Keevo is secured by a multi-signature authentication process. It's only available by pre-order.




A new crypto hardware wallet soon to be released. It comes upwith many unique features.


Most of you probably only know Ledger Wallets and probably some of the rest. But there are literally so many options in the market that most people don't even have heard the half of them.

I hope this article will be helpful so you can realize that it's very important to store your cryptocurrencies with a hardware wallet.

Do you use a hardware wallet? Which one are you using? Share your experience in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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