Best Bitcoin Songs

By CoinSteps | Crypto - Guides | 26 Apr 2020

Listening to music about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency really makes you feel the revolution we are going through. I believe that music can play a major role in pushing for mass adoption and recognition in ways we can't yet imagine, since music is a reflection of culture.

There are many songs mentioning Bitcoin and altcoins, but I just mention here my favourites one! You can comment below if you liked them or if you have a favourite Bitcoin song that's not included on this list.

Bitcoin Rap Battle Debate: Hamilton vs Satoshi

While it's not a music video, it's a MUST to watch it! The excellent rhythm and lyrics give a very good result.

Not This Time

With pop and dance rythm, this song shows every time Bitcoin was“dead”.

Chris Record - HODL GANG

A rap song focused on HODL in Bitcoin and altcoins. Released at the peak of Bitcoin in 2017 and it brings back positive memories.

teamHODL - Lambo Land

This was also released on the peak of cryptocurrencies and is all about LAMBO!

Gramatik - Satoshi Nakamoto

You will feel a bit of a gangster boss after hearing that.


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