PEPE has nearly gained +250% within a matter of 3 days and seems on track to rise further. Here's why PEPE is rising.

'You Never Know Why A Frog Jumps'. PEPE Rises More than 250% In 3 Days

By Coins Reporter | Coinsreporter | 28 Feb 2024

In an earlier post about meme coins, while comparing DOGE, SHIB and PEPE, I mentioned that either of SHIB or PEPE will definitely bring about a chaos in the meme coins segment. And now we are witnessing one of these early disruption, of not a chaos. PEPE has nearly gained +250% within a matter of 3 days and seems on track to rise further. However people who discarded PEPE by adding controversy tag to its status can now scratch their heads and repeat, 'you never know why the frog jumps?'

Yes, you never knew why the frog jumped. But you could easily know when it would jump. The meme coin made a pattern recently that's more of a frog retracing before making a huge jump. Yes, PEPE made a 'head and shoulder before it started this rally. That is one signal, you might have followed in case of DOGE. Aren't you?

PEPE Coin Technical Analysis. Why is PEPE rising?

In the same article, I did mention that the huge gains will either be from SHIB or PEPE. As we already had a major rally from SHIB, I would bet PEPE more for this time around. 

If you ask me if PEPE is controversial meme coin. I would say, I don't know if it is or it is not. What I can affirm that the future of the frog based coin looks shaddy with the community size of PEPE has yet to see significant numbers. FYI, PEPE does not even have 1 million followers accross all the social channels.

Lack of a big size of community for a +$1 Billion market cap size definitely pose questions. It definitely means that PEPE is riding high on the back of some whales activity. This is however seen as promising but when it comes to meme coins, they jump high and fall hard.

Another big reason for the frog to jump higher can be linked directly to Ethereum breaking $3000 psychological level. Since PEPE is an Ethereum based token, investors are showing love to the frog this time. 

Now let's talk straight if the recent rally for PEPE, the frog, is sustainable. Currently with Bitcoin and Ethereum soaring, it seems possible. Also with the price breaching $0.0000025 is a bullish indicator. If the price closes above $0.000003 for 2 consecutive days, I wouldn't be surprised if it goes past $0.000004. If it doesn't hold above $0.0000025, the prices may retrace back to $0.0000015 in short term.

The fresh jump by the frog based meme coin has definitely ignited a renewed interest in the meme coin segment. Don't be suprised if you witness a huge rally, much similar to DOGE and SHIB,  for PEPE. The year 2024 may prove to be the year of the frog if the current trend continues.

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