The Evolving Landscape Of Bitcoin Ownership And The Role Of Small Investors

The Evolving Landscape Of Bitcoin Ownership And The Role Of Small Investors

By Coins Reporter | Coinsreporter | 4 Dec 2023

What's that Bitcoin has altered concerning to investment? Indeed it has been able to reshape a lot of things but the most significant of all is 'the democratization of investment opportunities whereby anyone with an internet connection can pick up Bitcoin'. This democratic approach to Bitcoin has certainly led to the emergence of a new group of small investors that hold under 0.01 BTC. Yes, you heard it right, almost 75% of total number of Bitcoin addresses hold less than 1% of 1 Bitcoin. 

One percent of 1 Bitcoin isn't that much but the number of people who own it may surprise anyone. If we take bitinfocharts for calculation, there are 67 million Bitcoin addresses that are economically relevant. So, the 75% of this 67 million is somewhere around 50 million. These numbers are a clear indication of how Bitcoin's acceptance is growing day by day.

Percentage of BTC holders

Accepted by millions isn't a small feat considering Bitcoin is quite a new asset. I highly doubt if any other investment asset or product had achieved these numbers in a decade. For Bitcoin, this became possible only because of the flexibility of an entry point. Other investments do not offer such flexibility. One can even enter the Bitcoin markets even with less than a dollar. Can you imagine this for stocks, bonds, gold, real-estate or any other investment assets? 

Additionally, Bitcoin provides flexibility of using it 24x7. You can trade it anywhere anytime. The trading is even possible when you have a very small amount. There is no cap on how much you can own and how you use it. The first promising rise in popularity of Bitcoin was seen in Feburary 2011. It was when Bitcoin finally reached $1. Later in June in the same year, Bitcoin reached $31 in June. This was the first time when Bitcoin saw a sudden rise in the number Bitcoin holders. Not only the Bitcoin price went parabolic, the number of Bitcoin holders doubled more than 5 fold. 

If we take all Cryptocurrencies together, the number of crypto holders is even more surprising. Within 14 years, Crypto has reached among 420 Million users worldwide. This is nearly 6 times more the numbers of Bitcoin holders. The cumulative Ethereum addresses stand at around 250 million. Other top Cryptocurrencies also hold these numbers in millions. 

Over 420 million people use crypto around the world

However, we must understand that projecting how many people use bitcoin and cryptocurrencies around the world isn't as straight forward. As we know that 1 person can have as many addreses as he likes. The number of total addresses must not be translated into the number of users. So, we only associate the number of users with that of verifiable people who are at centralised exchanges. But, considering that Bitcoin also gives us flexibility to remain anonymous, there may be considerable number of DeFi Bitcoin or crypto holders. 

So, it's safe to say that we can't exactly put a number to how many people use Bitcoin or Ethereum or any other Altcoin. But we may easily conclude that around 10% of the world population use Bitcon as of now. This is again not a small number. Also if we go a bit more precise, the number of small investors who are using crypto would be around 750 Million. 

Overall, the ownership scenario clearly indicates that if we reach a target of 'crypto for all' in future, the credit of this must be given to those that are small investors. The investors who own any amount of crypto less than $1000. These are the investors who are the pace batteries for the crypto market.

At last, can you guys imagine how many more users will add up once the ETFs are approved and we are at the top of the bull run in 2024? I highly anticipate that we will cross 1 Billion mark this time. 


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