PIXEL, a play to earn token, from web3 gaming platform Pixels, is on Binance Launchpool

PIXEL Coming To Binance Launchpool

By Coins Reporter | Coinsreporter | 8 Feb 2024

With the change in top management at Binance, we can witness a rapid growth in two activities on Binance Exchange. One being listing of new substantial projects, and other is delisting/monitoring coins that may hinder regulatory compliances for the crypto giant. Just before two days, Binance delisted Monero and is now ready with yet another Launchpool event. 

This time Binance has decided to launch, PIXEL, a play to earn token, from web3 gaming platform Pixels. Considering Web3 gaming is still evolving and is one of the most promising sectors of Blockchain industry, this launch may be a signal what we are about to witness in the upcoming bull run.

What is Pixels?

Pixels is an idle farming blockchain-backed web3 game on the RONIN Network. As it's a skill based game, by participating in the gameplay and building skills will provide in game native token 'PIXEL'. Players get opportunity to buy their own Farmalnd NFTs on Opensea marketplace and exclusive Pixels Pet NFTs on Mavis Market.

Pixels is more like a social community build up game where players can interact each other and create their own community with Pixels' Guild System.

Players can login to the game via Ronin wallet or email/phone options. 

What is PIXEL?

PIXEL will replace BERRY as the in game token for all activities on free P2E gaming platform pixels.xyz. So, PIXEL will serve as the token to buy and transact in game opportunities. As Pixels is a farming game, players can farm resources, cook food, trade goods, and own their own plots of Farm Land with PIXEL.

As PIXEL will replace BERRY Token, users will be give PIXEL Token in proportion to their BERRY Token in game. Those who are holding BERRY in Ronin Wallet or Other Places would require to exchange them. The proportion for exchange would be for every 1000 BERRY, you will get 7.6175 PIXEL Token. 

Key Takeaways

Users can stake BNB and FDUSD to earn PIXEL on the launchpad and the PIXEL Token will get listed on 19/2/2023.

PIXEL launchpool Details at Binance

Pixels has announced this launch and migration to PIXEL in terms of creating a sustainable ecosystem. As Pixels is the only game out there who is building continuously with the notion of 'community building', the future for Pixels look bright and with Binance adding PIXEL to its launchpad will take it to another level. 

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