SBF however under trial but at coingecko his FTX holdings are topping the list

'FTX Holdings' is Number One in Market Cap on Coingecko!!!

By Coins Reporter | Coinsreporter | 17 Oct 2023

At coingecko under the 'categories', if we take a close look, we may easily find out that 'FTX Holdings' is at top position. This isn't all, Coingecko misinterprets or miscalculates all other holdings under category tab. A newbie or not so serious user can easily understand that all of these are right but they aren't. Coingecko needs to correct this if it wants to show up as a guide app for Cryptocurrency.

Ever since the FTX saga last year, the media has covered SBF, FTX and related personalities or tools with an euphoric never ending target. But now as the FTX and SBF are under trial, should the media stop portraying SBF a guilty without the court's ruling. After all he is pleading not guilty and the media was the one that made him our hero. 

SBF and FTX Holdings at Coingecko and his trial in a court room

Nonetheless, I found something very interesting while looking at the Coingecko charts. When you click on 'categories' and look a bit deeper, you will see a category suggesting it's for FTX. The Category that represents FTX's holdings does not show up at the top but when you turn towards 'market cap', you are filled with excitement and find out that this is the number one category and a category that's ever bigger than the total market cap of Bitcoin itself.

FTX holdings is the number one category on Coingecko

If you are just scratching your head and thinking to leave, wait as this isn't a mistake of mine but of coingecko. Coingecko has made categories for assets or grouped cryptos in some headings but has not changed the value accordingly. The calculation of market cap is based on the entire market cap of a coin and that's where it is faulty. 

If you wanna know about the correct FTX holdings as of now, just look at the image below that shows 'what are FTX Holdings as of August.

FTX Holdings as of August 2023

Image Source: Coingecko

Whatever is the case, but for once I thought that SBF and FTX are still the Kings. But that just proves to be a minute's dream. I recovered fully and wanna say to Coingecko 'keep showing us these amazing trustworthy results that may leave us sometimes broke and sometimes .... Laughing with my A..s rolling on the ground. 

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