Task Force Z (ombies)

Welcome back to Coin's Comic Corner, and if you are new here... that's alright! So are we. It's only day 3 on this new blog that we have started and so we are just finding our voice out here on the lit streets of Publish0x! For today I would like to introduce you to Task Force Z, which is a story that is brought to us by DC Comics and it is one of their newer stories that is based on a lot of the dead characters that can be found all throughout Batman's universe. Now I really do feel like the plot seems to take some familiar roots from other beloved DC stories such as The Suicide Squad. Please, allow me to elaborate on this.



Now it's a lot like Harley Quinn's little gang because in The Suicide Squad, the bad guys all have bombs implanted into their heads and if they do not do what they are told, then they will blow up! Hence the name "Suicide Squad". Well, In this story... the characters are expected to complete missions for a government agency as if they were The Justice Leauge or something, and so they are forced to participate because they have been brought back from the dead against their will, and the only way to be fully alive again is to be given more Lazurus Resin. Yes, you did read that correctly... These guys are still half-dead and so they are walking around zombified and their team leader is the only human being who is out battling alongside them in the field... So you can imagine how that all plays out! It really does make for such a sweet story. You will even get to see many familiar faces that you may already know and love! Maybe even two of them... Wink, Wink. 




Now let's go over some of the characters that you will be seeing in this story! Don't worry... All plot twist/surprise reveal characters will not be listed.


  • Bane (top right)
  • Mr. Bloom (not in photo)
  • Arkham Knight (bottom right)
  • Red Hood (bottom center)
  • Man-Bat (top left)
  • Sundowner (bottom left)


Wrap Up

Whether you know a lot about the Batman universe or you know absolutely nothing about it at all, this story is very easy to pick up and get into. I mean something about the living dead always seems to grab ahold of my attention and keep me entertained for hours, and so to see classic foes like Bane turned into a mindless zombie who is attempting to rip a man apart and feast on his warm flesh... that is pretty damn cool in my opinion! So yeah, to be clear, you do not have to know any of the many characters who are listed above to understand this story. The writers really do an excellent job at introducing the characters and keeping the script interesting throughout the story. Each chapter seems to always end with either a cliffhanger or a plot twist to keep you always wanting more and coming back for the next issue.

If you really do end up liking Task Force Z, then you may want to get into reading DC vs Vampires simply because there is a Task Force Z cameo inside of the book. Also, the story kind of gives me the same spooky vibes as TskFrcZ, since they both use monsters as their main focal point. (TskFrcZ uses zombies and DCvsVmps uses vampires.)

Yet another great DC series with a cool Task Force Z tie-in would be Batman issue #117 where you see The Red Hood talking it up with Batman before any of the events in TskFrcZ even happen yet.

I really do hope that if you haven't already, you will go give Task Force Z a read! I mean personally, have never really been interested in DC comics ever before, and since I started reading this one... I have even begun to appreciate other DC stories that I probably would have never appreciated before, both old stories and newer ones.


Task Force Z

Created by Matt Rosenberg & Eddy Barrows

DC Comics



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All love, thanks for tuning in! 

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