Introducing STC.University: Your Gateway to Blockchain Education

By Coinpaper | Coinpaper | 9 Aug 2023

STC.University is an innovative online university developed by Student Coin that aims to drive blockchain adoption through learning.

A trailblazer in Web3 education, STC.University pioneers scalable learning unbound by physical limitations. The platform can take on an unlimited number of students, which, in Student Coin’s vision, will democratize Web3 access and eliminate barriers to crypto adoption.

The pilot version of the platform launched Tuesday, and the waitlist for the flagship course on Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is already open with the 15% discount. Its comprehensive curriculum covers the basics of blockchain & smart contracts, decentralized exchanges, cybersecurity in crypto investing, derivatives trading, and decentralized loan management. The program is aimed at students with a basic understanding of DeFi and its underlying principles.

“While the project is currently in the pilot phase, we are committed to scaling our capacity. Importantly, completion of the course will be certified, and we will ensure that over time it is accredited in workplaces around the world.,” STC's CEO said in an official statement. Wojciech Podobas emphasized that decentralized learning can change not only education but also society's thinking as a whole.

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Besides DeFi, other courses by STC.University are in the works as well, but the timing of their release will depend on the community’s feedback, cooperation with partners, and the pace of scaling up. The students’ involvement will play a crucial role in shaping the university's offerings, ensuring that content remains relevant, engaging, and tailored to the real-world needs of those looking to make a mark in the ever-expanding world of blockchain technology.

Designed by leading blockchain experts, the courses by STC.University offer the much-needed flexibility to study at one's own pace, catering to crypto newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts alike. With a comprehensive curriculum that includes real-world projects, learners can gain practical skills and apply them in actual scenarios.

Join the STC.University community and have a say in the future of blockchain education! Secure your spot now by joining the waitlist at


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