By UjjwalAditya | CoinMantra | 13 Aug 2020

Publish0x the platform where anyone can earn some popular Cryptocurrency such as BAT, DAI, LRC just by reading and writing articles, In my last post I shared that they are planning to add ETH. 

YES ETH the Queen of Crypto World. Now you are able to earn also ETH. Currently The Platform in its Beta Phase But they are working a lot to improve and when they will launch full version of the Publish0x platform then it will definitely one of best Blogging Site.


And Today I Tipped some articles that I loved and got some ETH (pictures are below ) 


The minimum withdrawal amount of ETH is equal to $1 (at the time of writing this article) maybe they will increase withdrawal limit because of Gas fee


ETH will replace DAI , But Don't worry if you love DAI because DAI might still come back as a tipping token in the future.

Withdraw your ETH from Publish0x

With this integration PUBLISH0X become a platform where you can earn ETH. You can use Atomic wallet, Trust wallet, ledger or any wallet to withdraw your earning but I suggest you choose any wallet that is in your control.


But there also some good news for You 😊


ETH is available on Publish0x so you can earn by Reading and writing good articles.


The Reward amount increased upto 30% 


But Why?


Because Ethereum Gas fee is too high so they have increased the withdrawal limit of each token to $1. Since the withdrawal ammount is increased so they have also increased the tipping upto 30%
So you don't need to wait more to reach withdrawal limit 😉
Since ETH will replace DAI and it meets the withdrawal limit them I suggest you withdraw before 18th of August 2020


And if you love ETH and want to convert your DAI balance into ETH then don't withdraw your DAI. It will automatically convert into DAI.


47% chance that tip will in ETH AND 27 % chance for both BAT and LRC.

Don't have an account on Publish0x then create one and start  Earning ETH BAT and LRC.

Share this post with your friends so that they will also earn ETH 😊


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