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Uphold A NEW crypto Exchange

By UjjwalAditya | CoinMantra | 9 Apr 2020

Uphold a new payment processor 

We are living in digital era or modern era where we want everything in digital format. With the help of technology we have started working from our home to all over the world and many payments processor like Payoneer helps help us to receive our earning from any part of world.


We have also receiving payment through anonymously using cryptocurrency like Bitcoins.


But there are many person who want to invest in metals than cryptocurrency. It's their choice where they invest their money.


And I am one who loves to invest in both but more faith in cryptocurrency.


If you're like me then I am introducing an awesome tool Uphold.


What is Uphold?


Uphold a payment processor, currency exchange and crypto exchange since 2015.

Uphold gives their service in  more than 184+ countries with 30+ currencies (traditional and crypto). If you want to receive funds from other countries you can use Uphold.


Why should you join Uphold?



  • Fast account activation.
  • Transparent
  • Security first 24/7/365 account monitor
  • Transact free with Uphold users
  • Fund account with Debit , Credit card , bank account and also with Crypto deposit.
  • 23 fiat currencies,9 cryptocurrencies and 4 precious metals available to invest.



Some upcoming features


  1. Earn on digital currency holdings.

  2. Borrow Access low cost credit, on your currency holdings.*

  3. Debit cards Spend your balances with physical and virtual cards. Like Payoneer card


Note:- if you haven't an U.S. Bank account then you can use Payoneer to withdraw money.


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The Team

If anything is best in any project then the credit goes to the team behind it.

J.P. Thieriot

                            Chief Executive Officer



Lee Westerfield

Chief Financial Officer & Director




Robin O'Connell

Chief Revenue Officer

Benjamin Sherwin

General Counsel

Simon McLoughlin

Chief Operating Officer


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