Sponsored image a New Way to Earn more BAT Token (CoinMantra.co)
Brave Sponsored image

Sponsored image a New Way to Earn more BAT Token (CoinMantra.co)

By UjjwalAditya | CoinMantra | 27 Feb 2020

I just changed the Calendar from 2019 to 2020 that means I have updated my calendar by removing old (2019) and adding new (2020) on the wall of my Room. Just like this update I believe There will be more updates coming  in Blockchain and Crypto industry in this year (2020) and the first Update news comes from one of the revolutionary and one my favourite Tool Brave Browser.

Brave The Web Browser that is working with great ideas and also changed the advertising system has come with some additional features in 2020.


If you're a regular reader of CoinMantra.co then you know What is Brave Browser ? And it's features. 


Want to support us then Download the Brave Browser and Save Your Privacy 😎 


We have discussed on Brave Ads one of the best features of Brave Browser. I hope you are familiar with Brave ads and also earning some BAT (Basic Attention Token ) in your Uphold Wallet using Brave Browser.


Being a Blogger I know the Popular advertising modals like Display ads, Banner ads , Pop-up ads and the new Push Notifications ads.



Currently Brave is using Push notifications ads to target it's users (privacy respective ads ) and also  help advertisers.


Because they are sharing the advertisement revenue with users in 70:30 (where 70% of the money goes to the ad viewers or Brave users and 30% of the money will be used to support Brave Network ) Since their advertising model will not interrupt browsing experience so Every Brave user like me want to watch more ads that help me to earn some Extra BAT and I have also set the maximum number of ads in Brave Browser.


January is the first month of 2020, where they have launched a new type of Advertising model called Sponsored Image 🖼️🃏


From Where they will got this awesome idea ?


According to the official Brave Browser blog they have got these awesome ideas or sponsored image idea from Twitter 🐦. 


Yes, From Twitter. But How ?


If you're using Brave Browser then you’re probably familiar with the background images shown on the new tab page, This feature is available from September 2016. These background photos are selected by their design team; some have been submitted by members of the Brave community. There are currently 16 background images bundled with the browser, and Brave team periodically update them to keep them fresh.


They have added a SpaceX rocket launch image (Creative Commons license) in Background of New Tab 

  This is the Image of SpaceX rocket launch


After adding SpaceX image in background couple of other Brave users asked an interesting question: Is SpaceX paying Brave to display these images?

While the answer was a simple no, and from here the idea of Sponsored Image is born and they have planned to use this to support the entire Brave ecosystem.

This is the story of Brave Sponsor image.

This feature will encourage People to switch from their Browser to Brave like me and also gives another easiest way to earn BAT (BASIC ATTENTION TOKEN) by enabling the Brave rewards 💰 ,so they can support their favourite content creators like CoinMantra.co

There are some Points that you need to Know about Brave Sponsored Image.


  • Each brand and each image is approved individually by Brave; and the format is limited to the large image and a small logo overlaid at the lower left.

  • Sponsored images are private.

  • The sponsorship is the same for everyone in a given country.

  • Sponsored images appear by default in the image rotation, and are shown in every fourth new tab created.

  • Sponsored image are optional.

  • Sponsored image is Avilable for Both Desktop and SmartPhoneSmartphone, Brave browser, CoinMantra, Sponsored Image


Since Brave is the project with the aim to give control on the privacy and security and so they will not collect any data for Sponsored Image 🖼️. 


Like Brave rewards 💰 sponsored image are also an awesome and optional features, Means if you don't want to be a part of Sponsored Image then you can switch off it by going settings. 


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