Monetize Your website and YouTube with Brave Browser (Full Tutorial for Newbies) Part -1
Monetize your Website and YouTube with Brave

Monetize Your website and YouTube with Brave Browser (Full Tutorial for Newbies) Part -1

By UjjwalAditya | CoinMantra | 2 Mar 2020

Monetize your YouTube and websites and earn Cryptocurrency 💰


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Bat is The cryptocurrency focused on advertiser  and publisher by removing middle person using block chain technology.  I'm not going in the depth of BAT coin in this article but I am going to share how to earn free BAT token without doing something difficult.




You know that blockchain and cryptocurrency are changing our Future. Everyday a new coin born in the world of Cryptocurrencies and It's really hard to invest in all coin but when you get some coin free.

Yes, this is true you can get some BAT coin or you can covert in another cryptocurrency or cash.You can also check the current price of of BAT here ⏬⏬⏬


 if your are a Youtuber or owner of a website and then you also monetize them and earn some extra money.




How To make some extra money using this program

It is easy you have to download first Brvae browser  :- If you are one of them who never compromise with their security and privacy then you have to download the brave browser. Brave browser is available on Android and iOS both.The best thing of brave browser is it block the ads so you can browse the site without distracting. I think this is the one and first browser who give you opportunity to earn money in the form of cryptocurrency.

Now you have to create a BAT publisher account to access your BAT coins and verify your email. You can  connect your YouTube channel , websites and twitch Chanel.
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They are also providing a WordPress plugin So if you are using WordPress then you can easily verify your website using this plugin. You can also verify your site using your DNS record. Now you have to create a uphold account (another alternative of PayPal) to withdraw your BAT coins. You created your Uphold account and now you get a option to connect to Brave publisher account and select your deposit currency.

If you have not a website or YouTube channel then you can also earn money by referring your friends who knows the values of security and Privacy 😎 


some of my favourite Cryptocurrency 🧐




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If you're not a Brave Browser user then download it from Here and use it for 30days and Secure your Privacy 😎 and Earn some Bat token as well as support us. ( They will add some Crypto in our Wallet if you will download and use it for 30 days)

Want to know more about Brave check out our blog

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