Brave rewards 6 May Payout issue ⚠️ What to do?
Brave rewards May month ⚠️ problem

Brave rewards 6 May Payout issue ⚠️ What to do?

By UjjwalAditya | CoinMantra | 9 May 2020

Yesterday (6 May) I opened my favorite Brave and claimed the rewards But BAT Token will not be added to my account.

Are you also Facing the Same Problem then Don't worry, I know there are many questions in your mind 🧠 like 

Is this only happened to me?

 My BAT (Basic attention tokens) are safe or not?


And many others.

 I am going to help you ok😌


Yesterday, I opened My Brave Browser and claim reward (my last month ad earnings) but  BAT Tokens will not credit in my account. 

Since BAT TOKENS are deducted from Brave Reward section but it's not added in my account so that I can't Tip anyone using Brave Browser. This happened first time with me so I guess that  to wait some time and later token will added into my account.


But after 18 hours I haven't received then I  tweet 🐦 this and find the solution as well as the reason behind this error ⚠️.



And I got the answer from one of Brave developer named Samson 😇


#So read 📖 this article and get your solution and understand what you should to do or what not to do 😉


So first I have a good news for You that your BAT are safe 😇


What You should to Don't do



  • Don't uninstall or Reinstall Your Brave



Because when you Install or reinstall The Brave Then your brave browser will generate a new bat address so it will become hard brave team to recover your BAT Token.


So don't do it


What should you do?


Wait and trust on Brave 


It happened only with 5% users and it happened with you then you are also in that 5%  BTW I am in.


Good News 


Users that are using Uphold user wallets are not impacted


If you have connected your brave browser with Uphold then you are awesome ✨ since Uphold connection is not available for Android or iPhone then you need to wait.


Users that are impacted via the error above will not lose their BAT


 This is good news so Wait 😇

So When  will we get  our Earnings? 


  In the recent tweet of Brave web developer Samson has cleared that they are working on it and an update is coming, so please don't do anything with your brave Browser

So till then wait and trust on Brave and Save yourself from ads and trackers 😇


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