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Airdrop Has launched Premium Plan For Airdrop Hunter

By UjjwalAditya | CoinMantra | 28 Feb 2020  launched Premium membership Plan 🤑


Airdrops are the easiest way to earn cryptocurrencies🤑. And we also try to list some legitimate Airdrops on CoinMantra, and it is one of the biggest challenges to finding great Crypto airdrops. 


So we take help from Google and Some crypto airdrop notifier like

 Then we read the white paper of the project and check their websites, social media handles and after we try it and in last we recommend you to join the airdrop. So it's a lengthy process but it's working. After our recommendation when you to participate in the airdrops you need to complete some tasks to participate in the program, like signup on their websites, follow their social media handles, join Telegram groups/ channels, retweet the tweet and many more.


Many people ask us on Twitter that, is there any way to earn crypto without doing any airdrops tasks? (You can also ask/suggests on Twitter @CoinMantra_co )

So in this post, I am going to answer that particular question here? 


I have no answers when they had asked me? But when I got the solution then I am going to share with all of you. 


As I mentioned above that I am taking help of Google as well as to find genuine crypto Airdrops. And If you are an Airdrop hunter guy then you know about


And if you're new in the Crypto field or don't know what is an airdrop? Then check it out our previous post. 


In simple words


Airdrop is the popular way to promote new Cryptocurrencies or tokens by distributing free Cryptocurrencies/token to those people who do their certain social media Tasks as a Facebook page likes, retweets and more.
And airdrop is an Airdrop notifier means they will notify us by listing crypto airdrops on their webpage.


Recently they launched their premium plan for their users. Every time we need to do some social media tasks such as follow, tweets, retweets and more.


And every day a new crypto token will be launched and also an airdrop will be launched by the team behind the project.


It makes hard to participate in each and every airdrop and sometimes we missed the great projects.


And the Airdropalert comes with a solution. They have launched a premium pack for their members. 


What is the premium version of


As I  mentioned above that we missed some Airdrops due to less time or other reasons like lots of tasks. So by being their premium membership program, you can earn free crypto tokens without doing any tasks.

Ya this true you don't need to do any task to earn crypto tokens by participating in the airdrop and you will earn free tokens iff (if and only if) you are a premium member of


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How to become a premium member of Airdrop


  1. You need to create an account on  
Use this link to create one




  1. Choose the plan that fits  your pocket


  1. And submit your Ethereum Wallet address (don't use an exchange address, because most of them not support airdrops). So use a wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens. We recommend you to MEW (my ether wallet) 


  1. They have added two payment methods is PayPal and other Cryptocurrencies. If you want to pay them in Cryptocurrency then you have three options Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP).


How do they will pay if I don't do any task?


Question is hard but the answer is simple. Airdrop alert is one of the famous names in Airdrop notifier, so many project companies list their airdrop on their website as well as many crypto hunters use their Platform to know about new Airdrop. They use referral links to earn and they will distribute this earning to their premium members. 


Want to convert your Cryptocurrencies then use our Tool.


What's our opinion on this Premium version of Airdrop distribution plan?


Thanks for reading this post🙏. And now it's time to share our opinion. 


This is a great deal for those who want to earn Cryptocurrency without doing any task. Every month new crypto token will arrive in your ERC-20 SUPPORTED CRYPTO WALLET.  

There plan is currently supported for ERC-20 TOKENS. So you need to do some task when an Airdrop is not on the Ethereum platform. We think they will add NEO, TRON and Stellar platforms in future. Since they are giving their referral earnings and some projects do not offer a referral program. So don't think you don't need to work after purchasing a plan.


In our opinion, if you have money and don't have time then join the program. And if you have time then you can use your time to complete airdrop task and earn crypto🤑.


Note:- They will charge you in Euro, not in the dollar.


It's your time to share your opinion with us in the comment section.


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