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By 9jaflick | Coinloaded | 9 Oct 2019

Proof-of-work mining has a few serious problems. Every day, networks like Bitcoin, Dash, and Litecoin become ever more centralized. Industrial-scale mining operations that burn through electricity have put the power to control the networks in the hands of just a few. Individual miners have to rely on mining pools to compete. But mining pools themselves also act as a force for network centralization. Mining is quickly becoming more of a problem than a solution. Even long-standing pillars of the community are speaking out against it. But a few young projects are working hard to out-innovate these challenges, and each one has a different solution.

TLS Group foundation, together with its partners, owns a unique technology for processing solar energy for the use of cryptocurrency mining (Green Energy Technology).
This technology will allow investors to receive a passive income of 15% per month.


TLS Group is a leading cryptocurrency mining infrastructure and portfolio management solution provider in the green energy segment. Its aims is to become one of the biggest foundations, together with its partners. 

The problem in Mining Cryptocurrency

You may have heard this argument before, but Bitcoin mining is consuming an increasingly large percentage of the world’s energy. Today’s estimates suggest that mining operations are now consuming as much or more electricity than the entire nation of Denmark. While it’s not enough energy consumption to cause a global catastrophe, it is quickly becoming a serious problem.

Beyond the environmental concerns, this inefficiency threatens blockchain as a meaningful platform for the enterprise. The high energy costs are baked into the system, and, because the cost of running the network is passed on in transaction fees, users of these networks end up paying for them. Initially, companies that use bitcoin may not see the financial consequences, but as they scale, the costs could become fatal.

Green Energy Cryptocurrency Mining

We need to incentivize green energy for cryptocurrency mining. Every company that uses blockchain also defines its own system for miner compensation. New blockchains could easily offer miners better incentives, like more cryptocurrency, for using green energy — eventually forcing out polluting miners.

TLS Group offers a mining service by using green energy thereby reducing environmental pollution and increasing mining profit rates for investors. it will combine its technology with the data center that includes immersion cooling and mining equipment with a nominal capacity of at least 2-10 Megawatts for various cryptocurrency protocols.

The transformation of solar heat into electricity at the levels of the Stirling parity of CSP generates power from solar energy twice more intensive than the traditional Photovoltaic (RU) technology due to the servo drive and tracking system that follows the sun during the day. As a result, electricity is produced at the lowest price per kW on the market.

The company’s goal is to create a universal payment mechanism that combines standard mechanisms of bank operations and blockchain technology with the subsequent issuance of hybrid coin combining POW+POS+Masternodes

Benefit TLS Group Investors

The concentration capacities of TLS Group generating green energy plants will eliminate the need for third-party pools for cryptocurrency mining. This solution provides an opportunity for rapid capitalization and the formation of passive income for token holders by paying dividends through the token smart contract. The pre-established dividend percentage is not less than 40%, this amount will be distributed among token holders on a daily basis after the launch of the data center. 

No need to buy ASIC or GPU

In order to start mining cryptocurrency with the help of the fund, there is no need to purchase mining equipment. The technology used allows you to receive a passive income of 40% per month.  

No electricity costs

TLS Group uses Green Energy technology for its cryptocurrency mining activities.  

Short-term return on investment

By investing in TLS token, you become a shareholder of the company and get the right to receive part of the company's income, 40% of the income is paid daily to the smart contract token after launching the data center.

TLS Token

TLS token is an ERC-20 standard token, based on the ethereum blockchain (smart contract). TLS is the native token of TLS Group, and its the primary mechanism that controls the platform.


A total of 2 billion TLS tokens will be issued out of which 200,000 tokens will be reserved for the team and the founders. 12% of the amount received through the token sale will be spent on Research and Development. The remaining 88% of the tokens will be invested in the different investment avenues as discussed earlier.



TLS Group is one of the most exciting and revolutionary cryptocurrency mining companies. They use Blockchain and money management mechanisms to create investment vehicles using green energy.







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