Is Ethereum's Disappointing Landing Over? Will the upward wave continue, or will it rebound downward again ?!

By Ahmed Zaki | CoiNews | 10 Sep 2020

Ethereum goes back up, will it continue ?!

I never doubted that Ethereum would rise again.
I likened the matter to a wave ... descending means the wave has returned to the surface of the water ... but it will not descend any deeper than that.
Rather, it will rise again ... and often it will return to a higher level than before!
I still believe in this and expect it.
Ethereum has reverted .. and I think the rally will continue.
And you will reach a higher level than previously reached.
This wave may touch $ 480 again ... and it may exceed this point to reach $ 500, as I expected in a previous article.

Up and down benefits .. but!

I don't see the ups and downs of Ethereum, Bitcoin, or other currencies any problem.
The problem is only felt by speculators.
As for the beginners, their chance of falling prices - as I said in a previous article - as they can get more currency through the sites of winning cryptocurrencies in exchange for performing simple tasks.
They can also buy these currencies because they often cannot enter with large sums in order to invest in cryptocurrencies.
As for when ascending, what the newbies get is less... But at the same time, they can benefit from this increase, whether by selling what they got and making profits from that (by trading) or waiting for a bigger profit when the currency rises more.


Source: coin360

What does the new bullish wave mean?

The wave of decline did not last long.
On September 1, the price reached $ 487, but it retreated in the following days... Yesterday, as CoinMarketCap numbers indicate, it reached $ 351, and yesterday's high was $ 359... Today, at the moment of writing this article, the price of Ethereum reached $ 369 which is, about $ 10 more than yesterday's high.
This simply means that the rising wave has started... it may rebound a little, but it will rise back quickly... and to a greater level.


Source: CoinMarketCap

When does the price of Ethereum exceed $ 500?!

It was - and still is - my expectation for Ethereum that the currency, which is still ranked second, has started to turn into a locomotive driving after it was being driven continuously...
Therefore, there is no longer a brake on Ethereum ... despite the temporary decline in the currency due to various reasons (some of which may be incomprehensible!)
I still think the next step is to break the $ 500 barrier!
But when does this happen ?!
It is a difficult question, as I always say .. and no one can provide a definite answer to it.
We just have to watch and wait ... and the lucky ones alone who will make the right decision at the right time .. whether by buying or selling.

This is what we call success .. and this is what I hope for everyone.

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