Game Mintopoly Earns token MM

Game Mintopoly Earns token MM

By pitabone | CoinClass | 18 Aug 2021


I present a simple game, which consists of generating wealth by investing with a fictitious currency called MintopolyCoin and depending on the profits we obtain and our position in the ranking of investors, we will be rewarded with Nfts that can be sold in opensea, with 1000000 Mintopoly Money which is a real etherum token 0xf6a09deadf5a10aa7822d95e3228b2315de8f6fa divided between the top 200 and more prizes.

How to get started? 

From PC:

We need Metamask account, and metamask extension in Chrome. 

Go to de Web of game.

We register with our Email. 

Let's kill the referral code that comes out to us so that they give us our first card that gives us more mining power. 

From SmartPhone:

We can use Trust, Coinbase Wallet, Coinomi and Metamask.

Let's go to the dapps section (Explorer in Metamask) and paste the following link:

And the rest of the steps just like for PC. 

We will get our profile. 


We will also be able to see our fictitious Wallet of the game.

They give us the minimum to buy us a Mining Rig. And from there our fictitious profits grow. 

Then we can activate several sections and create more units of Mining Rigs, Validators, etc. (See images). 





We can also do staking with our MintopolyCoin. 



You can even make a hard fork with which you will reset your investment and start the game again but with the increase in profits that marks the hard fork, which depends on the investment. 

Luck. Have fun. And thank you for reading. 

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