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Crypto Fundraising Report(1.22-1.28)

By CoinCarp | CoinCarp News | 30 Jan 2023

According to CoinCarp Fundraising, Last week (01.22 - 01.28) 20 projects announced fundraising rounds.


  • Spatial Labs($10.00M) | Spatial Labs is a technology infrastructure company that is powering the next generation of Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Omni-channel, and Immersive Experiences - collectively known as the Metaverse — with participation from Blockchain Capital, Marcy Venture Partners, Marcy Venture Partners
  • Tané($8.00M) | Tané is "Crypto Builders Incubator" — with participation from B Dash Ventures, DEEPCORE, DeNA, XTech Ventures
  • StoryCo($6.00M) | StoryCo is an open media platform where creators and passionate fans collaborate and co-create the next great story franchises and jointly participate in their success. — with participation from Blockchange Ventures, CoinGecko Ventures, Collab+Currency, Emoote, FlamingoDAO, Floodgate, gmoneyNFT, James Beshara, Jess Sloss, Metaversal, Narwhal Ventures, Packy McCormick, Patron, Sabrina Hahn, Seed Club Ventures, Sfermion, The LAO
  • Bunzz($4.50M) | Bunzz is a platform to build the on-chain side of DApp super easily even if you don't have specific knowledge in blockchain or web3 using MetaMask — with participation from Coincheck, DG Daiwa Ventures
  • Brave Group($2.30M) | Brave Group is developing a multifaceted metaverse business focused on the entertainment sector — with participation from Animoca Brands, Daigas Group, Dawn Capital, Saison Capital
  • ForChain Labs($2.00M) | ForChain Labs is a web 3 startup company founded in April 2022
  • Edgeln($0.40M) | Edgeln is a Web3-focused data intelligence for success — with participation from Jeremy Clover, Mike Borozdin, Mike Dinsdale
  • Presail($0.15M) | Founded in 2021, Presail is on a mission to accelerate a safe expansion of web3s growing investment space — with participation from Aleksander Larsen, Jeffrey Zirlin, Kraken, Ryan Hoover, Skyfall Ventures, SNÖ, Trung Nguyen, Viet And, Weekend Fund


  • Blockstream($125.00M) | Providing Bitcoin and blockchain technology solutions for financial markets — with participation from Baillie Gifford, Bitfinex, DG Lab Fund, Fulgur Ventures, Kingsway Capital
  • QuickNode($60.00M) | Making it simple to power your blockchain applications and scale up as you grow — with participation from 10T Holdings, Anthony Pompliano, Arrington Capital, Crossbeam, QED Investors, Seven Seven Six, Seven Seven Six, SoftBank, Soma Capital, Tiger Global, Tiger Global
  • Calimero Network($8.50M) | Calimero was created as a NEAR Protocol spin-off, the founders Sandi and Mario have been the first Infrastructure Engineers at NEAR Protocol — with participation from GSR, Khosla Ventures, Lyrik Ventures, NEAR Foundation, Warburg Serres
  • Asset Reality($4.91M) | Asset Reality, founded in April 2020 by a team of asset recovery practitioners and crypto investigators, has now amassed an international team with experience resolving some of the earliest crypto asset recovery cases in the world, including managing and liquidating the cryptocurrency in the infamous Silk Road case — with participation from Chris Adelsbach, Framework Ventures, SGH Capital, Techstars
  • Ethos($4.20M) | Ethos is a wallet built for exploring Sui. A reimagined wallet for discovering apps, games, and NFTs on Sui — with participation from Alliance DAO, Boldstart Ventures, Builder Capital, Charge Ventures, gumi Cryptos, Matrixport, Meltem Demirors, Mysten Labs, Tribe Capital


  • Gemba($18.00M) | Gemba is the go-to workforce learning platform of the enterprise metaverse — with participation from Parkway Venture Capital
  • Emperia($10.00M) | Emperia has developed a platform which powers the creation of immersive virtual experiences for brands across multiple retail sectors — with participation from Background Capital, Base10 Partners, Concept Ventures, Daphni, Sony, Stanford Capital Partners
  • Senken($7.50M) | Senken is an easy-to-use platform to access the largest selection of climate assets for transparent climate actions and finance — with participation from Climate Capital, Inflection, Kraken, Obvious Ventures, Offline Ventures
  • PlanetWatch($3.00M) | Planetwatch s.a.s. is a high-tech startup based in France that leveraging the Algorand blockchain, advanced algorithms, and high-performance yet affordable air quality sensors, to deploy dense, low-cost air quality monitoring networks — with participation from Algorand Foundation, Borderless Capital
  • Tholos($1.50M) | Tholos is a crypto wallet secured by multiple owners to view assets, transact, and interact with applications on any blockchain — with participation from 369 Capital, Alex Zhang, Arnav Pagidyala, Brandon Kumar, Can Gurel, Chainforest, Dispersion Capital, Lattice, Mike Ippolito, North Island Ventures, raz, Reverie, Vasanth Thiruvadi
  • Forma Vision($-) | Forma Vision brings face-to-face collaboration to the metaverse — with participation from Accenture Ventures
  • Voldex($-) | Voldex is an innovative video game studio focused on UGC (user-generated-content) — with participation from Andreessen Horowitz(a16z), Dune Ventures, Lalotte Ventures, Makers Fund, POW! Interactive

Of the above items, 40% of the projects are Web3 projects. The total funding amount last week is $275.96M, a -51.22% decrease compared to the previous week. Among all, the biggest funding round is Blockstream, which has raised $125.00M.

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