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As an cryptocurrency investor, you must be prepared to DYOR (do your own research) and take the time to analyze and study any potential ICO you may wish to invest in. It is so easy to get caught up in fake marketing and hype, leading you to make bad decisions. No matter how great the website looks or how many of your so called ‘trusted’ YouTubers promote any given, you can only really trust yourself and what you as the investor believe to be the truth.

Below I will to give you one of potential project that interest you !!!



WiFi network that aims to serve its users with express internet access in an open environment such that all commercial ventures and private individuals can use the provisions. It is a hotspot serving platform with stack routers for many businesses to use the innovation and also enjoy advertising advantages. It presents low commission fees and grant free commercial shows for users of the wifi system. This is a vast network that serves the interests of the web users by making it possible for them to access the net through the open WiFi system that it provides. This will be useful for individuals, companies and both private and public institutions that uses the net. It is solely a network that controls Hotspot and WiFi of a whole new community of solicitors making it a commercial platform for monetizing and also advertising to the entire users. Doing this allows it to serve the entire population that registers with it. It uses StackRouters as a tool to enhance the process of connection to the hotspot and increase the speed of the process at the same time. It ensures that it's clients are well positioned to enjoy the service prepared. It promotes advertising and make its clients involved in the distribution of data because some of them can register to be hosts that will share an hotspot with others and have rewards in form of the token STACKS.


Therefore reduces the amount of wastage that happens naturally and fosters effective advertisements for entities and individuals. In this platform, those who stand as the switch proprietors are able to promote their shows on the platform through installments with a very low commission and the STACKS token. It controls the 5G protocol and make it possible to achieve improvement in all enterprises as they host and use the WiFi system that doesn't support any accreditation. This platform will keep growing and the data market will become strong and more valuable in the forth coming years. Many gadgets across the world will be able to connect to the WiFi and apply the net to all that is done in the community or in many operations that it could be used for. This is a way forward for many organizations to improve and secure their future with this provision, the application of this platform is therefore vast providing solutions and available for use at all time. So many difficulties affecting the use of the web involved the lack of available resources to help access the network but will be solved with this Innovation.


  • In stackscity, the stakeholders that represent the host can decide how much of their excess data to share to the public and when they decide like that, they can activate their hotspot from the app and others connect through WiFi. This provisions will be useful for individuals or firms too then others can have it used in their homes as well.

  • Rather than wasting data and getting nothing in return, users share them through stackscity and get rewarded for providing the free WiFi to others. The services of this platform is global that everyone all around the world get to enjoy and all those who uses smartphones can be sure to share their excess data when they have. The it represents a peer to peer platform. Then to function better it employs smartcontracts to handle some functions perfectly.

  • To pay members in the ecosystem, stackscity uses its token STACKSCITY and that settles the need for payments. This tokens are not only earned by host who shares data but others that perform other little tasks like viewing sponsored posts and so many other tasks. There is a wallet that comes with the app which will house the tokens and allow users to access them simply.

  • The wallet is electronic and safely keeps the funds generated from the stackscity activities and of course users can easily view how much of the token they have left and can also know whenever there is a credit notification in the wallet. 

  • Platform can accommodate as many contributors as possible as long as there are consumers to use the resources provided. This platform by doing this will avoid wastage of data and will foster effective internet services. So many will be able to take advantage of that to advertise their products to the WiFi users.



With Stackscity, anyone can become the host and make money from the hotspot share among other users. This platform has an organised way of working that makes it very special at this WiFi operation it performs. It has an app that allows users and suppliers of the data to install and start using the WiFi when you pay with tokens and also the suppliers earn tokens as they supply others with their excess subscription. The activeness of the hosts as recorded by the amount of time they are able to host will be rewarded by the tokens i.e the more they share the more token they will gain.

All these will not be a problem as long as proper registration has been done from the mobile app and the first category of users won't need to pay a dime at first when they use the first WiFi. The host of the hotspot can be companies or just an individual and when they register they can have the StacksRouter installed to serve as the hotspot location.



Without a doubt, StacksCity is a project whose purpose is to create high technology in the city and provide high-speed Wi-Fi in a large number of public places. It is clear that this brief article about the project does not contain various technical nuances, so it will be useful to refer to the original source of the business plan to learn more about all the details that interest you.


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