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By Jino | CoinCantik | 5 Jul 2019

As an ICO/ITO/IEO cryptocurrency investor, you must be prepared to DYOR (do your own research) and take the time to analyze and study any potential ICO you may wish to invest in. It is so easy to get caught up in fake marketing and hype, leading you to make bad decisions. No matter how great the website looks or how many of your so called ‘trusted’ YouTubers promote any given ICO, you can only really trust yourself and what you as the investor believe to be the truth.

Below I will to give you one of potential project that interest you !!!



The development of Blockchain era has come close to the threshold of the introduction of decentralized technologies in everyday life. They are proud to announce that they are the first and only ones who proposed the concept of the universal daily beneficial use of the blockchain. Platform Billcrypt pl will make the blockchain necessary for literally everyone.

Blockchain representation (BR) is created by users in the form of decentralized applications (DApp) on the blockchain with a comfortable interface. On the basis of the platform, an interblockchain infrastructure of technological and economic properties is being built, uniting blockchain projects and projects of the real sector. A single comfortable environment will allow everyone to create their own BR, forming a single system of assured trust. This will lead the development of any business to a new unprecedented level.



  • Investment properties embedded in the system will allow you to most effectively develop your business, establish profitable partnerships and promote each other economically. Due to the synergy effect, receive multifold benefits.
  • For Investors, this will be the most understandable and illustrative structure, which allows, by looking at the Virtual Image (Virtual image Part — ViP), to quickly and reliably evaluate the represented businesses, and make profitable investment decisions.
  • For the effective functioning of the entire potential of the platform and the investment ecosystem, a universal digital asset of a new generation has been created — the Evolutionary BILLCRYPT Token of the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain.


  • Despite the fact that decentralized systems have existed for a long time, and the first Blockchain has already celebrated its decade, the problems of using Blockchain-technologies in everyday life still remain relevant. Ordinary users do not yet use blockchain on their own, but use it occasionally, applying for some services, for example, checking the authenticity of documents or when registering rights.
  • Another problem today for the entire Blockchain industry is the lack of integration, technological and economic fragmentation of projects. Currently, each project survives on its own and, as practice shows, not everyone succeeds. This is especially true for startups.
  • For investors, the same problem exists on the other side — they do not have the opportunity to really assess the business. They are often forced to make investment decisions based on inaccurate or insufficient information.


This is a platform that has come up with an astonishing, yet achievable solution that will obviously increase the overall adoption of the blockchain technology. This project aims to achieve this by providing a single global platform that unites the whole of the blockchain projects in existence.


You might be wondering that this looks huge and doesn’t seem easy to achieve but looking closely at the modus operandi of this project, then its undoubtedly going to be a success.
On this platform, many company, professional community and specialist in any sector or field will have the opportunity of creating their own blockchain representation (BR).

This literally means that the platform will be well known for huge BR catalog which will contain real and accurate information on the status of any blockchain project on it.

What Other Features are there on BILLCRYPT Platform?

  • Ability to create your own Blockchain representation
  • Ability to select information flows that will form the ViP (Virtual image Page)
  • Tokenize your business
  • Attract funding for several projects
  • Conduct necessary activities that are associated with the blockchain and
  • Create BR groups for various products, services and business lines which will summarize the representative information about them on the main ViP page.


With this innovative platform being created by BILLCRYPT, all investors will therefore be able to get reliable information about projects and companies which will assist them in making their investment decisions.

Token Details

The funds needed for the initiation of this project shall be gotten through Initial token offering in which the team will be offer BILLCRYPT token (BILC) which is the native token of the platform for sale. The BILC token provides an unlimited membership to its holders on the platform.
The total Supply of the token is 152,000,000 while the token is an ERC20 standard token with several use-cases on the platform.

Conclusively, BILLCRYPT is here to set another standard in the blockchain industry which in no doubt will result in increased adoption rate of the technology.




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