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Sell or buy anywhere online, cB will give you "Buyer Protection".

By coinBusiness | coinBusiness | 19 Apr 2023

Create an agreement with a remote partner online. Make a payment to the coinBusiness public wallet, watch your money together on the open blockchain.
Follow the terms of the contract and the money will go to the wallet of the one who should receive it.

In more detail, it looks like this.

Write the subject of the contract, the amount, terms of payment, delivery, return. Specify the public wallets of the participants in the transaction, the seller, the buyer. Submit your agreement to coinBusiness, on any cB page in a comment or message.

Make a payment to the cB public wallet. Expect publication on cB pages with your contract. Watch the publication of cB and the cB wallet on the blockchain in the explorer. Check that everything is correct, the wallets are correct, and fulfill the terms of the contract.

After fulfilling the terms of the contract, the money will be sent to the wallet specified in your contract as the recipient of payment.

Here's an example:

"Bob sells electric scooters on social media. Alice wants to buy an scooter. Alice negotiates a deal with Bob and has approved the following terms. Seller Bob pays at his own expense for shipping and, if required, the return of the goods. Alice, if she wishes, can return the electric scooter within 7 days after receipt, without giving reasons, keeping its original state.Then, Alice sends the contract, on the cB page, ( indicating her and Bob's public wallet address).
Buyer wallet (Alice) : 0xdC337c993b27a6996d028EEb2125391538a2E45R.
Seller wallet (Bob) : 0x1Er895bf2E68A88387B60974bE54gU5041e056D9c."

If you are a private seller on social networks, we will provide you and your customers with a “Buyer Protection” service based on transparent payments on an open blockchain. An open blockchain is available for observation 24/7 from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. We use popular stablecoins (USDT, USDC, PUSD-PAX, DAI) as currency.

Indicate on your sales channel or your product listing that those interested can take advantage of coinBusiness' "Buyer Protection".

The very fact that you have the “Buyer Protection” option will add to your visitors’ trust.

Stablecoins are gaining popularity around the world, they are easy to send and receive, without bureaucracy and there are no large fees. The fee for our services will be, on average, 5 USDT. We don't have any other fees.

Finding us is easy, type “coinBusiness” in your browser, open a few cB pages on Linkedin, Steemit, Facebook and other social networks. Make sure two (2) public cB wallets are posted on all of our pages.

⚠ All partners and users of cB are required to comply with the rules based on "human security". Among the goods and services prohibited in our community: usury, alcohol, drugs, casinos, nudity, etc. described on the cB pages.

Write your feedback and suggestions to make trading easy together 👋.


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coinBusiness is an international non-profit company for the development of private small businesses with social responsibility. https://l.ead.me/coinBusiness


coinBusiness is an international non-profit company for the development of private small businesses with social responsibility and environmental conservation.

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