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Coin Hunt World

Coin Hunt World: First Withdrawal!

By ToucanTeemonty | Coin Hunt World | 21 May 2021

Coin Hunt World - Earn Crypto While Walking Around

If you're not already familiar with Coin Hunt World, it's a game played on your mobile where you walk around your city to collect keys, open vaults, answer trivia questions, and earn crypto. You can check out my All-Purpose User Guide to Coin Hunt World here:

Coinhunt World User Guide

If you don't have any friends currently playing Coin Hunt World, you can use my referral code and we each get two green gift boxes to start the game (worth about $2 USD in crypto).

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At the moment the game is still only available in Canada and US, but the plan is to expand across the world within the year. I've been playing this game for about a month now, and I've learned a few new things that I think are important to share with beginners:

Withdrawing your earned crypto

After you've played the game for a couple weeks, you start to earn a decent amount of crypto. I'm not as serious as others (around 80th percentile in rankings if I had to guess) but I've made more than $60 over the month, which I think is pretty good especially considering the dip crypto has gone through in the last week. I just play when I'm outside and heading somewhere, but if you're competitive, it could be a decent side hustle - some of the top players are earning $100+ per week in crypto. At the moment, the only crypto you earn is bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH), but there have been promotions in the past (DOGE) and the developers have made it clear that they intend to add other coins in the future.

Once you've built up some crypto, it's a good idea to open an Uphold account. Uphold Homepage

Uphold is the official wallet partner of Coin Hunt World. I don't use Uphold for anything other than Coin Hunt World, and the good news is that you don't need to add any funds or anything to use it. You just need to verify your account, just like any other centralized crypto exchange wallet, and you're ready to receive/transfer funds from Coin Hunt World and/or to another crypto address. However before your coins can be sent from Coin Hunt World to your Uphold account, you need to 'activate Uphold'. To activate Uphold, you click on the bottom right on the Blue Key icon -> Then click on the bitcoin symbol at the top of the screen -> then click on 'Connect to Uphold' at the bottom of the screen (green button). You will need 10,000 resin though to activate it, which can take a while to accumulate - it took me about 2.5 weeks. You get resin by opening vaults and answering trivia questions correctly, but not all vaults release resin. 

Once you've activated Uphold, transfers occur every Tuesday. There was a delay of a few hours between leaving Coin Hunt World and entering my Uphold account, but it showed up in my account same day.  Pretty exciting when you get the transfer for your first time!


Yellow Vaults

Until recently you could only find blue ($0.10 USD) and green vaults ($1.00 USD), but recently CHW announced that 100 yellow vault locations would be added across the US and another 10 vaults across Canada. Unlocking a yellow vault and answering the trivia question correctly nets you $10USD in crypto. The vaults initially begin as cranes and you need to work with other community members to convert the crane to a yellow vault. In order to active the vault, players have to work together to contribute a collective 1,000,000 resin (100 players adding 10,000 resin each, for example). The first yellow vault was activated in Vancouver, Canada and the second vault was activated in Toronto, Canada (Canadians are very eager it seems :)). Other vaults are still in progress - try to find the cranes in your area, which indicate that a yellow vault is in progress. Join the discord if you're interested - the community is lots of fun!

Coin Hunt World Discord 

Region-Specific Discord


Buddy Quests

Buddy quests are randomly created by Coin Hunt World. You'll be notified that you have a buddy quest in your Headquarters. to complete your buddy quest, you and one of your (randomly assigned) friends need to travel to a certain location within ~3 miles (5 km) of your HQ. You won't know the exact location until you get close, but you'll see a red pulsing radar on your map guiding you to the final destination. The final destination is marked by a seesaw with 2 orange players jumping on it. Both you and your friend need to be at your designated location at the same time in order to complete your buddy quest. Once successfully completed, each player is awarded a yellow key. A yellow key allows you to unlock a yellow vault, worth $10 USD in crypto. 

From my experience, I get a buddy quest about once every week (maybe once every 2 weeks). My understanding is that you get more buddy quests if you have more friends playing, but I could be wrong.


Special Events and Shop

Occasionally special events are introduced, giving you the opportunity to earn even more crypto and craft unique avatars if you're into that type of thing. I'm personally only interested in the crypto, but you can also craft cubies (avatars) using loot that you get in vaults at crafting stations around your city. Although just a novelty at the moment, there will be rare cubies created (limited release) which may have some re-sale value. The developers have announced that they will be introducing a shop in the next update. The shop will allow players to sell or buy different crafting items (paint, blueprints, etc.) and cubies, adding another element to the game and another opportunity to increase your earnings or add to your collection. This might be especially true as the game picks up in popularity and new people join the game.

Special events, like the Hawaii event that just passed, also included a floating vault, which required at least 100 players to enter a red key, and if you were one of the first 100 players you received $100 USD in crypto. The Hawaii event also included unique cubies and crafting materials that may not be available again for a while (if ever), so these events represent a cool opportunity for collectors. 


Closing Thoughts

As the game continues to evolve and attract new players, it's become more interesting for collectors/fans and it's introduced new ways to increase your earnings. User vaults (vaults created by the players using green keys and resin) are a good example. When I first started playing, vaults were fairly scattered around the city, but more and more user vaults have been popping up around the city, increasing the opportunities to earn crypto and other loot (user vaults have a higher likelihood of dropping resin and crafting materials).

I'll be providing another update once the shop has been introduced to the game. In the meantime, happy hunting friends!

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Coin Hunt World
Coin Hunt World

Earn bitcoin, ethereum and other crypto while exploring cities and getting exercise. Give it a try, the community is great!

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