Coin Hunt World: Earn Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto by exploring cities and getting exercise!

By ToucanTeemonty | Coin Hunt World | 30 Apr 2021

Coin Hunt World

As a firm believer in the future of cryptocurrency and an avid gamer, I was so happy to come across Coin Hunt World. In the game, you control an avatar (cubie) by walking around the real world on your journey you collect keys, open vaults, answer trivia questions, and of course...earn crypto! I've only been playing a week (with maybe 3 cumulative hours walking), and I've already earned 0.00008237 BTC ($4.42 USD) and 0.00195968 ETH ($5.38 USD). I have a toddler and a full time job so I'm sure if you're eager, you'll be able to do much better. This isn't a 'get rich' thing by any means, but of all the 'earn free crypto' apps and games that I've tried, this game gets you the most for the time and effort spent. Not only that, but the discord community is awesome and surprisingly very collaborative, and if you're competitive, you'll definitely be getting a lot of exercise. 

This blog post is intended to be an 'everything you need to know' introduction to Coin Hunt World to get you started on the right foot and helpful tips that I wish I knew when I started.

Downloading the Game

At the moment, Coin Hunt World is only available in the US and in Canada, but the developers have announced that the game will be made available to Europe by the end of the year and if you're an iOS user living outside of the US and Canada, you have access to a daily trivia question to earn crypto while waiting for the game to officially be released in your region.

Android users can download the game through Google Play here:

Download Coin Hunt World for Android

iOS users have to download TestFlight (Testflight download) first, and once Testflight is installed, users can download the game here:

Download Coin Hunt World for iOS

Referrals and Playing with Friends

If you have friends currently playing the game, I highly recommend asking them for a referral code - it gets you and your friend two green prize boxes, which can contain crypto, keys, and other loot. If you don't have friends currently playing the game, you can use my QR code or referral link below:

22d4e1af43b322b749f7e285cf5544bed2777cc7b6b49427536139f682be3d18.pngReferral Link

Either way, you don't want to skip this step because it gives you a pretty nice head start on your collection. One important note, for the referral code to work, you have to click on it after you download the game, but before you build your Head Quarters (otherwise it won't work).

If you can get your friends to join you, it makes the game even more fun. You can work together on 'Buddy Quests' that sporadically pop up to earn more loot, and you can work together with other members to build vaults and climb the leaderboard rankings!

Getting Started

When you start the game, you'll want to prioritize building a Head Quarters (but only after using the referral as mentioned above). To do this, you'll need a green key - the most common way is to collect 10 blue keys and forge them into a green key, but it's also possible to get lucky and get a green key in a blue vault reward. To forge, you can click on the icon that remains after you collect a key. Once you have your green key and you have registered your email address to register your account (you're a guest by default initially), you can set up your HQ. You want to set it up in an area that you will be around frequently - most chose their primary residence, but it could be anywhere. Your HQ gives you access to free keys, user vaults, gift packages, and more. The biggest perk at the start is that you get 1 free green key per day (equal to 10 blue keys in value).

When it comes keys and vaults, the color is important. The color dictates how rare the key/vault are. Blue is most common, followed by green, yellow, red and purple. Also, blue keys only open blue vaults, green keys only open green vaults, etc. 10 blue keys can be forged to make a green key, 10 green keys can be forged to make a yellow key, 10 yellow keys can be forged to make a red key, and 10 red keys can be forged to make a purple key. Yes, you're right, purple keys would take a long time to forge.

When you use a key to open a vault, you'll be prompted with a trivia question. Get it wrong, you'll have to use another key to try again; get it right, and you get rewarded with crypto and other loot. Crypto loot currently is in the form of either BTC or ETH, and for blue vaults the reward is equivalent to approximately $0.10 USD. The green vaults are worth $1.00 USD, yellow are worth $10.00 USD, red are worth $100.00 USD, and purple are worth $1000.00 USD. Currently there are only blue and green vaults available but the developers just announced that yellow vaults will be coming soon, with 100 available in the US and 10 available across Canada to start. The game is still in beta testing so it's a great time to get in while the rewards are good.

A Few Tips for Maximizing Your Crypto Gains

Below are a few more advanced tips that I wish I would have known when I started:

  • Find out where the green vaults are ASAP and prioritize them on your routes. It's pretty easy to get green keys once you have your HQ set up, and these give you the most return for time spent at the moment (until yellow vaults are introduced). Blue vaults respawn every 12 hours, green vaults respawn every 24 hours, and yellow, red and purple vaults all take 1 week to respawn. Vaults always remain in the same spot, so you can plan consistent routes to maximize returns.
  • When setting up User Vaults, you need green keys and 10,000 resin (in-game currency that has no relation to crypto). The green keys aren't a big deal, but 10,000 resin takes a long time to accumulate. My recommendation is to set up a few User Vaults in densely populated areas because other people can contribute resin to build your User Vault (speeding up the process) and for every 20 users that enter a key into your User Vault, you get 1 key in return. If you're not in a busy area, it's probably best to put the User Vaults as close to your primary residence as possible, that way you can maximize vault collections but it'll take longer to earn enough resin to build the vaults.
  • You need 10,000 resin to unlock 'Uphold' (Uphold is the crypto exchange that partnered with the game so in order for you to withdraw funds, you need an Uphold account first). Withdrawals happen every Tuesday once you have 'Uphold' unlocked. Some people decide to put their first 10,000 resin towards unlocking 'Uphold', but I personally chose to put it towards the user vaults because I was interested in fast-tracking earning keys and vaults. It really depends on how fast you want to get access to your crypto.
  • You get additional rewards for being in the top 50 leaderboard position in your region, so it's worthwhile paying attention to other activities that will get you leaderboard points (contributing resin to creation of new vaults, crafting new cubies, etc.)

Final Thoughts

Many of my friends have asked why/how the game is able to offer crypto for free, especially since the rewards are quite generous. The developers have been pretty open in communicating how they are going to monetize the game:

  • They will sell some exclusive cosmetic items for your avatar (crafting recipes)
  • They will charge token teams who want to use their platform to educate users about their tokens. Right now the only coins earned are BTC and ETH, but there are plans to add more to the platform
  • Marketing programs with businesses including brick and mortar ones that can take advantage of foot traffic

Even though it's only been a week, I can say I'm already hooked. The rewards are the most generous I've seen for any crypto game and getting into this game early helps you take advantage of the scaling prizes once the game grows in popularity. The community is pretty great too! If you check out the game and you like what you see, I'd highly recommend joining the discord channel where you can learn all kinds of other helpful tips: Discord Channel

Happy hunting!!

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Coin Hunt World
Coin Hunt World

Earn bitcoin, ethereum and other crypto while exploring cities and getting exercise. Give it a try, the community is great!

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