GraphCoin (GRPH) and Beam: A Use-Case Previously Undiscovered

GraphCoin (GRPH) and Beam: A Use-Case Previously Undiscovered

Disclaimer: I am a member of the GraphCoin team and I have a financial interest in this coin's performance. 


I want to introduce you to GraphCoin today. I won't bore you with the details, here's the Masternodes.Online page for GraphCoin:

GraphCoin is not all that different technically speaking from a lot of other masternode coins. It has a good ROI, low supply, and uses masternodes to secure the network. Where GraphCoin separates from the rest of the pack is the fundamentals. Let me explain. 

GraphCoin is created by GraphCoin Labs and is the native currency of the Beam platform: 

The Beam platform is a fully functional projects ratings platform, social media experience, and crypto jobs board. But perhaps the most important feature of Beam is that it's crypto's first masternodes loyalty rewards program. Users can sign up with the masternode that they own, verify that ownership, and become eligible for weekly airdropped loyalty rewards. The loyalty rewards airdrops are completely funded by ad sales, which neutralizes the possibility of oversupply and devaluation via airdrops. 

Being an investor on Beam gets you a lot more than just weekly airdrops (although those are nice). Since Beam has a large network of proven investors, we will be able to leverage that buying power into getting deep discounts on ICOs for our members. Just for proving that you are an investor, you could get a 30%+ discount on ICOs that choose to host their sale through Beam. This is good for the investor because you can get access to incredible deals and it's good for projects because every person that they are marketing to has proven that they are willing and able to invest money in cryptos. 

Advertising on Beam for a week currently costs under $100, proving that the GRPH coin is vastly undervalued. Many of the other services on the platform can be bought for GRPH and are currently extremely cheap in USD as compared to other platforms that offer advertising. 

The long-term vision for Beam is to expand beyond masternodes and become a loyalty rewards program for any cryptocurrency and any amount. For being a loyal investor, you will have a loyalty score calculated which determines the airdropped amount. I can see this going viral amont mainstream crypto investors as they discover that they can earn passive income just from owning and holding their crypto. 

There's huge potential for both Beam as a product to grow and GRPH as a currency to grow in price along with it. I encourage you to check out the project and if you are a masternode holder, sign up on Beam for weekly rewards!

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