Any traveler might be remembering their first moment to fly. It is an exiting moment regardless of which flight class you fly. As one frequently travels, there is that observation in variation to various airliners. This comes up especially when one starts to have comparisons in various commercial airlines. It is a common discussion to many travelers who are always on the move. In fact many will stick to a particular airline because of that advantage against the other. It is however a nice thing to explore various airlines and see the difference. Many travelers choose airlines based on meals served during the journey, some will look at the pride of the airliner, this is very common of the Dutch who really cherish and chose the KLM as a national pride. some will chose for the price variations, others will chose because of how quick the flight will take to reach its destination, some will consider the customer service and some will chose comfort during the journey despite other factors.


The last factor is very crucial for this article. Many travelers in most times choose to travel in a second class, also well known as the economy class which in most cases a very basic class. It is very evident to many travelers that on many occasions the comfort in this class is not that pleasant most especially in budget flights. The spacing in between seats is very uncomfortable, very congested and the space in between the front seat and the knee is in most times so small due to over congestion of passengers.  

The good news is this very problem is being addressed by many interventions. The greatest of all at this very moment is from Zephyr Aerospace, with its head quarters in  151 Calle San Francisco , San Juan Puerto Rico, have come up with a great concept to safe the Economy class (Second Class) airline travelers with the invention of a Zephyr seat . This means that many travelers who opt to travel in this class will wear a smile in future. This is the world's first lie flat seat for economy class flight passengers. It is  a commercial airline seating concept which upgrades Premium Economy Class seating (on wide body aircraft) with a lie-flat bed, aisle access, and complete privacy for every passenger – making in-flight sleep more affordable.


Also what to note about this intervention is that this is going to be the first world's double-decker seat with lie-low flat bed. This means that the double decker seating in a 2-4-2 configuration maintains the same seating density as existing Premium Economy Class on 90 percent of all current global airlines. This concept also puts into consideration the complete privacy and aisle access for every Premium Economy Class commercial airline passenger. With all this, an individual cabin space gives a passenger a chance to sleep,lie flat, stretch,move around in fact one has the possibility to dream with all these factors. The most fascinating expectation from this kind of concept is the family space created. The drop down cover of the footwell brings more personal space in each seat which allows multiple lie flat positions. This is an added advantage for small children and families that travel together to lie close by each other in vicinity.   A traveler gets the real meaning of the statement of pilots and the cabin crews of  "have a safe and pleasant journey. This whole concept is applauded by Paul Wylde (Founder/CEO Wylde Design to be a revolutionary move towards the wellness of economy class travelers.

This concept might be adopted in future by various airlines as direct discussions with commercial airlines, seating manufacturers, and OEMs (Airbus, Boeing) to bring the Zephyr Seat to market are currently active.


Want to know more about Zephyr Aerospace and their concept seat ? feel free to view their project in Republic.co (www.republic.co). With good news to people so fascinated with this whole development just like us, there is a chance to be part of this innovation by being  an early investor in it via Republic.co platform with minimum investment of 100$ USD which is all important in the initial stages of this project. Simply click on the link www.republic.co or just clicking on the Republic.co logo below. From this platform, one can as well find other investment startup opportunities well vetted by the platform with the ability to invest as little as 10$ USD. All you need to do is to click on the Republic logo in the picture below and read more. Also with this platform one can earn Notes which are a native token currency for the Repulic.co  platform ecosystem.


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