Why Cryptocurrency Is The Future: A 100-Year Global Macroeconomic Viewpoint

By ScryptForce | COFFEE TIME | 24 Dec 2022

Why Cryptocurrency Is The Future: A 100-Year Global Macroeconomic Viewpoint

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Cryptocurrency is the future of money. It's not just a trend, it's a fundamental change in how people will use money for their daily activities and how they interact with one another. Cryptocurrency is simply decentralized digital cash that allows you to send value digitally without needing any middleman or bank involved in transactions (think PayPal, Venmo or Square Cash). The underlying technology behind cryptocurrency has been around since its inception but only recently has it become mainstream enough where people are beginning to understand what this means for them personally—and potentially even their businesses!

Money is a Shared Fantasy

Money is a shared fantasy. The more closely you look at it, the more obvious this becomes. Money is an agreement between people to value something else in mutual interest. There are no inherently good or bad things about money; it's just an illusion we all agree upon and use to accomplish our goals as individuals and as members of society as well as businesses. In fact, our entire economy operates on this assumption—it doesn't matter whether you go into business for yourself or work for someone else; both cases involve getting paid for services rendered (and ideally improving your ability to provide those services).

Money is also an illusion because there's no real connection between what it represents (a piece of paper) and how much value there really is behind each note; however much effort goes into creating them (and there is quite some), these pieces still don't have any intrinsic worth outside their role within society.*

The Origin of Money

Money is a concept, not a physical thing. It’s a shared fantasy that something has value. The origin of money is the origin of trade and debt. Money always has been invented by an individual or group who creates it out of thin air and then uses it to buy goods or services from other people in exchange for their own goods and services (in other words: barter).

Fiat Currency

It's important to understand that fiat currency is a type of money that has no intrinsic value. It's backed by the government and can be used as legal tender in any transaction, but it's not backed by anything tangible or natural. For example, if you want to buy something with fiat currency, you must first pay your taxes with it; this makes your money worth less than its value as cash in hand because of all the tax dollars it took to print those bills at face value on paper.

In contrast with cryptocurrency (or "crypto"), which is digital and decentralized—meaning there is no central bank or government controlling its legitimacy—fiat currencies are centralized systems managed by governments rather than individuals or groups of people who decide how much each unit should cost based on supply and demand factors such as supply/demand ratios within certain regions where they're accepted most commonly today."

The Problem With Fiat Currency

One of the biggest problems with fiat currency is that it’s unstable. As a result, your money can go up or down depending on what the government decides to do with its printing presses. This means that no matter how much you save in a bank account, if inflation increases and the value of your savings drops, then those savings will be worth less later on—and they might not even last as long!

An example: Let's say that you have $1 million in an FDIC-insured savings account at Bank A (owned by Bank A) and another $1 million locked away in gold coins at GoldCoinsDepot Corp. (owned by John). Both companies are well capitalized but still operate under very different business models: while Bank A has been running at break-even since their inception back in 2008; GoldCoinsDepot Corp.'s business model relies heavily on short term investments where there may be times when losses can be incurred along with gains depending on market conditions—a situation which could lead investors down paths like bankruptcy court should things get ugly enough for them."

The Future of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of daily life. It will be used in a variety of ways and in many different contexts, from government-backed currencies to decentralized ecosystems for music distribution.

We are witnessing a shift from centralized systems that hold all power over currency, business and society (and thus may be susceptible to corruption), towards decentralized ones where everyone can participate in decision-making through voting or consensus. The future will see us living on these new platforms as they become more common place; where we spend our money on things like food instead of simply cash transactions; or where we buy houses instead of property titles—these are just some examples but they all point towards one thing: blockchain technology is the future!

Today, we have the opportunity to create a new monetary system and define how money works for generations to come.

In the coming years, we have the opportunity to create a new monetary system and define how money works for generations to come. As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream, it will replace fiat currencies as the dominant form of money in our global economy.

Cryptocurrency is a shared fantasy that is more transparent, open and fair than today's centralized fiat currency systems. It has many advantages over traditional systems: it's faster (once your transaction has been approved), cheaper (you don't need an intermediary bank), more secure (the internet doesn't hold your data hostage) and borderless (you can send bitcoins anywhere on earth).

This means that if you want something done right by society at large then you should get involved with this new technology now!


I’m convinced that this is the beginning of a new era. The future of money will be different from today, and it will be better for everyone involved. We have the opportunity to make sure that we put in place an infrastructure that is fair and sustainable over generations to come.

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